Vimune - Kitten Khajiit Companion and Adorable Daughter - Utilizes Child Voice by Mojiro-Glas
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This Follower is Standalone, meaning she requires no other mods. This follower is available for FREE, as ALL MODS should be. If she appears on the steam workshop as a paid mod, then she was reuploaded.

Vimune can be located in Morthal, at Moorside Inn. She is an adorable 11 year old Khajiit.

She is a mage, and can cast a variety of spells. If you have Hearthfire, you can adopt her.
Her body is based on UNP, and she has clothing specific to her in a container called "Vimune's Clothing Chest". To change her outfit, type "Help Vimune", and then type "Placeatme (id of Vimune's Clothing Chest)". You can then give Vimune her wardrobe. By default she wears vanilla college robes. Do not comment about her outfit being skimpy. If it appears that way, then it means you have installed a modification that effects the vanilla college robes. I will not assist with this issue. Install a sensible clothing mod.

The optional Hat plugin adds a hat for Khajiits to wear. It includes a speech bonus.

Recommended mods:
Extensible Follower Framework
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CoverKhajiit by mrLenski
Ohmes Raht textures by Nuska
Black Mage armor by lRekol
Hmm What to Wear by Nightasy
Kankaraya by KANRAx2
Construction Helmet by Haishao
HoneyVanity, for the lovely artwork of Vimune