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As seen on GameSpy. Useful for role-players!

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  • Czech

This mod is quite simple. It creates thematically-appropriate crafting recipes for Skooma and Double-Distilled Skooma. Both forms of Skooma can be crafted at a cooking pot by combining Moon Sugar and Nightshade with Jazbay Grapes.

The mod gives all forms of Skooma the "Drugged" effect from Sleeping Tree Sap. It intensifies the Restore Stamina effect while adding a Damage Stamina Regeneration effect. Double-distilled Skooma requires twice as many ingredients and is 1.5x more powerful than regular Skooma.

NPCs often complain that Skyrim's Skooma is "watered-down". The citizens of Skyrim also seem less averse to Skooma than the citizens of previous Elder Scrolls games. For this reason, I've chosen to keep the effects of Skooma and Double-distilled Skooma relatively low; the emphasis here is on increasing immersion for role-players. Because Skooma and Double-distilled Skooma give only moderate effects, both are moderately priced.

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Add the .esp file to the appropriate folder and enjoy.

Please do not hesitate to report any and all bugs.