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In a world where fires burn with no end and the air is blackened with
smoke, one mod rises against the tyranny of senseless wood burning.
From the masterful modder JoyTrooper now comes DNCL, discover a
greener Skyrim like never before. Now the power is in your hands to
conserve energy and keep fires lit only when needed, no more city
lights during the day. DNCL contains an environmentally approved script
developed by tree hugging wizards that extinguishes all city lights during
the day, in an effort to preserve nature and to make for a more lively
environment. The effects of DNCL include but are not limited to
lanterns, torches, fire pits and candles. But wait, there's more! DNCL
also comes with several compatibility patches for some of the popular
light mods for Skyrim, that way you don't have to choose between
visuals and functionality.

Its like having your cake and eating it too!

"DNCL, because the night is dark and the day isn't..."

Cities included in DNCL





Notice: DNCL does not apply to cities with cold environments such as Windhelm because Nords need warmth too.

Supported Mods
  • Enhanced Lights and FX
  • Realistic Lighting Overhaul
  • JK's Skyrim
  • Relighting Skyrim

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