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Just some few mashups for the UNP body.

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obs: If you are looking for updates or just checking the current state of the mod, check the sticky post in the "POSTS". I'll inform the current state of the mod and if there are any updates on plan there. Thanks!


This little mod adds 4 armors mashup for the UNP body mesh. One heavy set and three light sets. The armor pieces available, in my derp opinion, can give you a skimpy to a somewhat lore-friendy look to your character. Check the chart below to see what each set have. Hope you guys like it!

To create the armors and accessories you only need the first perk in Smithing, Steel Smithing, and of course, the materials. Alternatively, you can also type "help ttt" (no quotation marks) in the console command to get a list of the itens of the mod and use the code "player.additem XXXX Y" (XXXX being the ID of the item and Y the quantity that you want ) to add whatever piece you want to your inventory. 

Right now, only the Shadow Assassin set have an UNPB with BBP version. I may add more armors and support for UNPB for the current ones later, but we'll see. I'm not very good with deadlines... lol

Also available, a little addon that will add the greaves and shinghards from the main file, but without the feet meshes attached so you can use them to combine with other footwear gear like sandals or shoes. They share the same stats from their original version and also have the same requirements to create them. Their prefix is "uuu" instead of "ttt" so you can see which greave is the one you want to use.

Oh! There are also some accessories for you to use with the sets. Here they are:

You can try to make your own combination of armor set and maybe even mix with other mashup mods like the mashup compilation made by brokefoot. I tried to use similar slots to the armor pieces. In case you are wondering, here the slots that I used:

32 - breastplate (torso armor)
33 - gloves and bracers
35 - collar, scarf and choker
37 - footwear (boots, greaves...) 
42 - shadow assassin mask and neck guard
45 - pants, panties, thongs, metalic panties and ring thongs
46 - pauldrons
47 - leggings and fishnet stockings
52 - belts

56 - greaves and shinguards (from the optional addon. good to combine with other footwear gear)



KURESE - His meshes were used to create the breastplate, gloves, pauldrons, greaves and boots.
Xenius - Original textures from his XAC - Xenius Armor Compilation mod. Just made some minor recolour.


Yuril - Textures from his Thieves Guild retexture were used in the leather armor, bracers and pauldrons. Didn't really change anything here.
Crosscrusade - Meshes from his "Sexy Vanilla Female Armor" mod. Pauldrons, Torso armor and bracers.
Nightasy - For the choker mesh.
CaBaL120 - Textures for the choker (from his Orc armor retexture), boots and legwraps (from his Studded armor retexture). I made a minor recolour only.
ReflexShooter - For the chainmail textures used in the armor with sleeves.


CaBaL120 - Textures for the torso armor (from his Hide armor retexture) and the left bracer (from his Elven armor retexture).
Crosscrusade - Meshes from his "Sexy Vanilla Female Armor" mod. Torso armor and Pauldrons.
KURESE - For the collar and boots meshes and textures.
calyps - For the original meshes used in the right bracer, tabi and shinguards (Nightshade armor)
NanaBeats - For the textures used in the fur sleeves for one of the armors, for the texture used in the right bracer, tabi and shinguards.


calyps - For the original meshes and textures for the bracers, tabi, shinguards, breastplates, mask and neck guard.
brokefoot - For the scarf mesh.


Fraper: For his Triss Outfit conversion for skyrim. Used the pants mesh.
CD Projekt: For allowing us to use assets from their awesome game, The Witcher 2.
Dikr: For the textures used in the belts, leggings and fishnet stockings.
MrTroubleMaker: For the meshes used in the belts, leggings and fishnet stockings.
Backsteppo: For the thong mesh.
KURESE - For the metalic panty mesh.
Nightasy - For the ring thong mesh.
Ortog - For the panty mesh.


humannature66: he made the high poly hand meshes that you will see when wearing the gloves and bracers available in this mod.
Nightasy: world model mesh for various itens.


Check out their stuff! Pretty sure that if you liked what you saw here, chances are, you will enjoy their mods too!


Ugh... What a shame. We have some issues. The issues are't really that problematic, but I think it's worth to mention. Aside from some pesky clippings here and there, here are some things that I couldn't fix completely or didn't bother too much:

- The left bracer from the Maiden Ranger have some lighting issues. It's not very noticeable for the most part, but it may look weird in some locations.

- The bracers from the Shadow Assassin set have some nasty clipping issues when you are playing in first person. It's not very noticeable if you use the breastplate with sleeves or if you just play in third person (lol). The right bracer from the Maiden Ranger suffers from the same problem.

- I used the prefix "ttt" before the name of every item in this mod. It helped me to locate them faster and made my life easier when I was testing. I decided to keep the prefix. It's not really a big deal, but maybe some people might not enjoy the idea of having the item called "tttTraveler Knight Boots".

- I'm not sure if this will happen to anyone, but sometimes, very rarely actually, the collar, choker and scarf didn't appear in my character even when I had them equipped. Unequipping the item, saving and closing the game fix the problem. Hopefully this won't happen to anyone, but if it does, at least you know what to do.

- The Traveler Knight breastplace have some movement issues. The lower part of the breastplate seems a little... err... jelly (I don't know to describle that). You have to pay attention to notice that, but it's a little weird when you do notice. Will try to fix this eventually, I hope.

- The thongs don't have their own world model mesh. I tried to create one, but it crashed everytime that I tested. Right now they use the world model of the ring thong mesh.

- The names of the sets are silly. Shadow Assassin... Really? Couldn't be more generic that that.