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7 female Nord CME_save slot files for ECE, includes a ReadMe with information on which armor and graphics mods were used in screenshots

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Update v1.1-- So I decided that rather than release new mods every time I make new characters available for download, I'll just upload them here in this file so they are all in one place. :) Kale and Summer have just been added, so please check them out and see what you think! 

This is my first mod ever, so I am starting small with some CME saves. Obviously, to use these you will need to load ECE (these files will NOT work with RaceMenu). The ReadMe (in the zip file as well) includes some basic instructions...However, I basically assume that if you are looking up CME saves, you know what you are doing so they aren't extensive instructions. ReadMe also has a list of the armor and graphics mods I used in the screenshots (I think I got them all). The guide pictures are also included so you can easily identify which slot file goes with which character. 

The following files are required to make your character look like in my screenshots: 

SG Female Textures Renewal
SG Female Eyebrows
Better Females by Bella (eyebrows only)
Eyes of Beauty
KS Hairdos - 265

(I know, lots of eyebrows in that required list...those are the ones I have installed and 
I can't remember what I did and didn't use in the CME saves...:-P )
**Edit: if you only want Kale and/or Summer, both of them only use the eyebrows from Better Females by Bella. 

You may also want the following tint mask to get the same freckles I used for Mosh:

DreamBurrow Tintmask

I'm using UNP in the screenshots. 

Hopefully that's everything. If I've forgotten something, let me know in the comments, though I'm in Grad school, so I can't guarantee I'll see it right away, but I'll get back to you as soon as I can. :) 


A big thanks goes out to Hello Santa, Hvergelmir, BellaGail, Kalilies Shocky, Stealthic Khaos, Gabriel Mailhot, dimon99, and the ECE team. Without whom, these saves would not exist. Please don't forget to endorse their mods!

Also, a huge thanks to Halofarm for Pinup Poser and to Boris for ENB (and to Stakado for the particular preset I'm using)