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Allows the player to play the choose-your-own-adventure book "Kolb and the Dragon".

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Now featured in Gopher's Skyrim Mod Sanctuary 95 - Chasing the Dragon

Kolb and the Dragon is featured last in the video. Thanks Gopher!

This mod allows the player to play the choose-your-own-adventure book "Kolb and the Dragon".

This is just a silly little mod I put together in a couple of hours. When you read Kolb and the Dragon a message will pop up asking if you'd like to read the book or play the adventure. If you choose to play the adventure you will get page one show as a message with the options as buttons; select which you would choose and the corresponding page will appear as a message, and so on until you reach the end of the adventure.

It's just a seventeen page short story so it won't take long to whip through. It's just a bit of fun really. Technically completely lore friendly, immersion could be questioned, I personally like it as it just makes it a little easier to follow.

Only incompatible with other mods that alter Kolb and the Dragon. I will probably include compatibility for Book Covers Skyrim and The Eloquent Reader at a later date.

1.0.0 – Initial release.
1.1.0 - Cover updated to match Book Covers Skyrim.

I have a very simple permissions policy; if it’s my own work then it’s open source. You may do what you like with it. Any part of my work that belongs to somebody else, you must gain their permission to use that part (check the credits). I have two stipulations: Firstly, any work you release that incorporates any of my work must be released as open source as well (that means you MUST NOT charge money for it). Secondly, any credits given on my work must be given on yours as well.