Calling of the Conjurer by Jason
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  • 206 new Summoning Spells including 17 new army spells.
  •  A conjuration shop located at the Western Watchtower

The Calling of the Conjurer focusses on expanding conjurating making it more fun, and exciting.
With over 200 new summoning spells that scale with your level. You will never run out of things to summon.
All spells have been added to the loot table of vendors and dungeon chests.
All Spells but Army Spells last 30 minutes, Army Spells only last 15 minutes.

Located at the Western Watchtower is Alathar's Conjuration shop.
Inside you will find Alathar who has a large variety of conjuration items, spells and more.
You can also find a chest here with all the spells.

Return to sender: Unsummons all active summons (Found in Alathar's shop)

How do I obtain the new spells?
  • You can buy them from Alathar he has the highest chance of getting them.
  • You can buy them from Merchants
  • You can find them in dungeon chests.

Why do I only get low tier spells?
  • Spells are in a levelled list meaning that they only spawn at certain levels. More Details Here

Is this mod compatible with?
  • I'm not sure if this will work with any major perk overhaul theoretically it should.
  • Because this mod doesn't use/change any vanilla assets it shouldn't cause any issues with other mods. 

Alathar doesn't want to talk to me?
  • I've never experienced this issue myself, but stealing a coin from the countered seems to fix it for other people.