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Join a little cute elf follower, Tania. She is wandering around Skyrim to solve her own questions. You are the only one who can help Tania because you are the Dragonborn.

- Last Update: V3.5 (NOV. 13, 2014)

Permissions and credits
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • Polish
  • Italian
  • German
  • French

About Authors

- Kasprutz  Follower Modding
- Magnificat (closer1223)  Original Character Design
- Aryes Grace  Voice Acting for Emotion Sound and Healing Shout


Deutsch by Merkur67
français by Kaza83
Español by xGhostcl
Polskie by xRev
русский by Santias
italiano by riccardo83
中文 Simplified by randygeorge
中文 Traditional by chiousf
한국어 by 타롯점술


This mod adds female elf follower, Tania the Hermit to your Skyrim game. Tania was the last princess of the peaceful elven kingdom hidden in Eldergleam sanctuary. One day, very powerful unknown evil trespassed on this little kingdom and destroyed all of things. The only one who is survived is Tania. After her kingdom destroyed, she becomes a hermit to avoid chase from the unknown evil. And she is wandering around Skyrim to find out the evil's identity and the reason why her kingdom is attacked from the evil. You're the only one who can help Tania because you are Dragonborn!



* Play Video by MXR, hodilton, ingtegraam, bab912, M4rth,
Tania has the role of an archer & healer on these videos. Thanks everybody and Congrats MXR on 600K Subs

* Author's Note : Follower Tania is in concept design stage of development. She is totally following vanilla follower system now. She needs to be further developed to include unique follower factions, custom voice, advanced follower functionality, and personality. Those things will be progressed gradually with future updates by myself.

Follower Info

- Name : Tania the Hermit
- Race : Eldergleam elven race
- Sex : Female
- Age : Nobody knows
- Combat Style : Elven Archer
- Personality : Bright and cute
- Location : Temple of Kynareth in Whiterun
- Body Style : UNPB
- Perks : LightFoot / Overdraw00 / QuickShot / Ranger / Armsman00 / AgileDefender20 / Stealth80
- She is weak and fragile so, you need to take care of her in combat.


You are required to install followings first for Tania to work correctly and please verify SKSE is the correct version compatible with your Skyrim version.

  • Skyrim v1. or higher
  • SKSE 1.06.16 or higher


  • This is a STANDALONE follower mod. Only SKSE is required as a pre-requisite.
  • Tania is following vanilla faction and voice system now. That means this mod is usually compatible with other NPC control mods like AFT, EFF, UFO, Convenient Horse, and so on. However, unexpected glitch could happen considering what NPC control mod you're using with Tania. (Please see "Mod Compatibility" Section.)
  • She has Japanese FemaleYoungEager voice to express her cute character.

  • You will have Tania's Gate voice power when introducing the mod to your game for the first time. You can issue remote commands to her after equipping spell by pressing "Z" key as following :
      - Move to Me : Tania will teleport to your location.
      - Move to Tania : Player will teleport to Tania's location.
      - Avoid Combat : This command appears ONLY IN COMBAT. Tania quit combat and run away from battle.
      - Engage Enemy : This command appears ONLY IN COMBAT. She'll fight with enemy and never surrender.
  • She has her own unique dialogues in the Tania ... dialogue branch as following :
      - Show me your private bag : You can use her extra storage if she's wearing her default Tania's Bag.
      - I have some gifts for you : You can give Tania a various gift using this menu. She'll show you various reactions like
         laughing, crying, hugging, eating and so on regarding the gift what you gave her. If you give her alcoholic liquors
         She'll dance on the table, fall a sleep or be passed away.
      - Can you sing for me : She'll sing various songs in Skyrim.
      - Go your way when you follow me / Never get lost when you follow me : This is a TOGGLE option. She'll always catch
         up with you by teleporting behind you or increasing moving speed when she is far away from you in the middle of
         following state. And she'll automatically escape from geometric obstacles when she is got stuck on them.
      - I love your dark face / I love your bright face : This is a TOGGLE option. You can turn on/off her Face Light.
         Face light will be automatically turned off when Player is in sneak and turned on when Player release sneak.
      - Strictly accompany by my side / Always move around lively : This is a TOGGLE option. Allow Sandbox AI for smart
         motions while Player is still or idle and she will follow once you get too far away. Just like Serana.
      - About your chatter : You can adjust the frequency of Tania's idle chatter.
      - About your heal : You can control upper limit of Player's health to get Tania's heal.
  • She has her own default custom armor and weapons (See Credits below). For her silver arrow and bow, it has additional damage to undead creatures. And you can create silver arrow at the Blacksmith Forge MISC tab. You can create and enchant all Tania's default items.

  • She has about 300 chatter lines for various locational and situational commentary edited from vanilla dialogues.

Install and Usage

Please follow below steps to install this mod:

1. Install the mod using NMM or MO.

2. Tania's body type is BBP body and she has her own built-in skeleton from XPMS. So, she needs
    skeleton_female.hkx file compatible with BBP/TBBP female skeleton. Please make sure if you have BBP/TBBP compatible
    skeleton_female.hkx file at "Meshes/Actors/Character/character assets female" folder.

3. Install BBP/TBBP compatible animation files at "Data/Meshes/actors/character/animations/female" folder if you like to
    see bouncing breasts and butt motions. Here is the recommended BBP/TBBP animation mod :
    The TBBP animation of Dragonfly with butt bounce by Dragonfly LeCid and Shaomarc.

4. Follow the Load Order below on the NMM or MO

Mod Compatibility

Please note compatibility issues between this mod and other NPC mods as following:

- AFT / EFF / UFO : There is no glitch with these NPC control mods. However, you can not control Tania with these mods.

- Mfg Console by kapaer : This mod include SKSE plugin for Mfg Consol by kapaer in the "Data/SKSE/Plugins" folder
  i.e. MfgConsole.dll & MfgConsole.ini file. If you're using this SKSE plugin already, just ignore to overwrite the files.

* If you have any compatibility issue about this mod with other mod, Please let me know.

Playable Tania Mods

-Tania Project- Playable Race by Alan81512 & xuniana

Compatible Patch for Requiem - The Roleplaying Overhaul

Requiem 1.8 - Tania the Hermit by Manany

This follower mod is based on other modders' work and I have just integrated them and programmed using CK or Papyrus to create the chracter. So, 99% of the credits go to modders in the following list. Thank you!

Credits and Thanks

Body Mesh/Texture
Finally, Thanks to Bethesda Softworks for all game resources.



Aside from Nexus, uploading this mod to any other host site is not allowed without author's permission. Please contact with me first, if you want to upload this mod to your site.

Your endorsement and comment will be the basic thrust to keep this mod developing!

Change Log

Ver. 3-6

Please see Cleaning up your save game before upgrading Tania mod

- The number of scripts is reduced from 394 to 64.
- Fixed face normal map format

Ver. 3-5

- The key feature of the update in this time is stabilization and optimization of the mod itself. Various components of the mod like AI packages, scripts and magic effects have been changed extensively. So, you'll need 100% clean save about the Tania mod for upgrading from old version to feel better performance of the mod.
- Changed the internal quest/script process in joining Tania to minimize not following player issue from some of users.
- Completely solved intermittent weapon draw/sheath animation mess or freeze when Tania is in (releasing) sneak or combat.
- Fixed intermittent random interference between idle animations.
- Optimized AI packages and major scripts to speed up its responses and avoiding any collision each other.
- Tania has the option for completely ignoring friendly hits from other followers or allies. So, you dont need to worry about any fight between Tania and other follower with areal damage magic.
- Tania has improved stealth AI not to rush into enemy while sneaking util player is fully discovered by enemy and supporting auto toggling in torch also.
- Wide range of bug fixes.

Ver. 3-0-1

- Repacking Tania v3-0 with LOOSE script files to minimize any issue from latency of quest scripts.
  (No changes in contents. Just BSA repacking)

Ver. 3-0

- Follower AI overhaul including AI Packages. Tania would be run more flawlessly.
- Various follower functions are added like relaxing, collecting ingredients, sleeping, home managing, and etc.
- You can control 30 places as Tania's home including 3 custom homes.
- Fixed bug.

Ver. 2-0

- Replaced all emotion sound and healing shout with custom voice by Aryes Grace. Aryes, always thanks.
- Fully standalone follower faction system. Now, you can use Tania with UFO/AFT/EFF without any compatibility problem.
- Tania has her own unique horse, Arwen. She'll be called automatically when Player ride his horse.
- Player can manage Tania's equipment by dialogue menu.
  * Note: Tania will not take off her clothes when she is surrounded by many NPCs.
- Fixed several bugs.

Ver. 1-0-2

- Bug fix for time delay when Tania release sneak.
- Bug fix for non-dialogue issue from some of users when player join Tania for the first time. (I tried to minimize it)
- Eyebrow texture fix for low resolution Skyrim setting.

Ver. 1-0-0

- First release on Nexus