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This mod improves lycanthropy by changing and adding couple of new abilities. Only werewolf form is modified, not human form (except that "Weakness to Silver" ability is gained in human form too). These changes apply only for player, not for npc werewolves. Requires Dawnguard expansion.


  • "Totem of the Predator" perk increase "Scent of Blood" detection range to 300 feet. Without perk the detection range is 200 feet.
  • "Howl of Terror" duration is reduced to 20 seconds and range is reduced to 75 feet but effectiveness is increased to level 25. Silver Hand faction members are immune to "Howl of Terror".
  • "Totem of Terror" perk increase "Howl of Terror" effectiveness up to level 50.
  • "Howl of the Pack" have 20 seconds cooldown.
  • Feeding on corpses restores health by 75 points.
  • Pack Members stats are:

Spirit Wolf = Level 5 and 80 health.
Ice Wolf = Level 10 and 160 health.
Werewolf = Level 15 and 240 health.

  • Health bonus depends on player's level:

Level 1-10 = 100
Level 11-15 = 106
Level 16-20 = 112
Level 21-25 = 118
Level 26-30 = 124
Level 31-35 = 130
Level 36-40 = 136
Level 41-49 = 148
Level 50 and above = 150


  • Player is immune to all damage during transforming into werewolf.
  • Health regenerates at rate of 1,5% of maximum health per second.
  • Feeding on corpses restores stamina by 75 points.
  • "Weakness to Silver" ability.
  • Falling damage is reduced by 75%.
  • Magic resistance is increased by 15%.
  • Every howl have a secondary effect. Holding shout button down toggles Night-Eye. It has duration of 120 seconds.
  • Wolves and werewolves no longer attack player on sight in human form.


  • Cub = Start rank.
  • Savage = 20 days as a werewolf.
  • Brute = 60 days as a werewolf.
  • Skinwalker = 120 days as a werewolf.
  • Beastmaster = 200 days as a werewolf.
  • Vargr = 300 days as a werewolf.


  • Cub = Nothing.
  • Savage = Movement speed is increased by 3%. Attacks have 10% chance to do 50% more damage.
  • Brute = Movement speed is increased by 6%. Sprinting into targets knocks them down.
  • Skinwalker = Movement speed is increased by 9%. Standing power attacks hit all targets in front of player.
  • Beastmaster = Movement speed is increased by 12%. Attacks ignore 50% of targets armor.
  • Vargr = Movement speed is increased by 15%. Player gains immunity to iron and steel weapons.

Note: Transforming into werewolf and back to human form will cause bugs to your character if you change your race after you have completed the Companions "Take Up Arms" quest. "Weakness to Silver" and "Rank" abilities don't get removed if player cure himself of lycanthropy. Only way to remove those is by deleting the mod (for now).

Installation: Extract files to Skyrim/Data folder. Use launcher and in data files select WerewolfUpgrade.esp. In game, if you already possess Beast Form power, you have to transform into werewolf to get scripts run properly.

Uninstallation: Delete all files.

Compatibility: This mod is not compatible with mods that change PlayerWerewolfChangeScript.

Credit: LFox for making weakness to silver weapons work as intended and showing me how to do it.

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