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Last updated at 13:46, 14 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 17:50, 10 Jan 2012

V2.1: all colors: NONREPLACING, CRAFTABLE (cloth, light and heavy VERSIONS) - for all RACES (+Beastraces +Dremora) - MALE + FEMALE! esp. by Grimoa
(Male characters + beastraces may/will have some clipping issues - this will hopefully be fixed in future)

. . . (comments, uploaded images, constructive critizism, . . .)

There are lots of different female forsworn ARMOR retextures - but I haven't found one for the female headdress/helmet.
Which is a shame because in my opinion it is the most beautiful "Hairstyle" in Skyrim!
(plus it is a helmet and protects you - so it is 2x awesome!).

I made the sexy REAL DREADLOCK retextures for my own character and thought maybe some of you may like them as well!

My retextures are 1024x1024 - the default size is 512x512.
My normal maps are the same size like the default ones (512x512).

I used photos of my own hair/dreadlocks for my retextures.

To improve the dreadlock-look I also added 2 new beads (left side of the head), made the horns more beautiful and shiny,
and edited the feathers (They are not perfect but a bit better than the default ones!).

You can craft the new Items at the Forge:

Heavy Armor Versions: can be found under steel (stats are the same as the steel helmet) upgradeable + enchantable
Materials: 2xLeather, 2xSteel Ingot, 1xIron Ingot

Light Armor Versions: can be found under misc (stats like the original forsworn helmet) upgradeable + enchantable
Materials: 2xLeather, 1xLeather Strips

Cloth (Mage) Versions: can be found under misc - enchantable
Materials: 1x Leather Strips, 2x LINEN WRAPS

Installation - download the new file - use the NMM or manual - put all files into your Skyrim/DATA-folder
enable the esp.-file with the NMM or with the Skyrim Launcher
(readmefile by Grimoa included - there you can find all necessary infos!)

I recommend downloading the MAIN-File - to get all colors - craftable + nonreplacing in all versions and for all races and sexes!
And ADDITIONALLY choose 1 of the REPLACING RETEXTURES - under OPTIONAL FILES - to make the female forsworn NPCs more beautiful!
(please don't forget to give Grimoa kudos - or maybe write a little thank-you message! - she made all this possible!)

Just one word about my PREVIEW-IMAGES: I have taken them at very different times of the day (I really like the light at Dusk and Dawn,...)
so you can't really compare all colors directly just from 1 picture - If you are unsure it's the best to try the colors you want ingame
and see for yourself - them may also look very different in your game if you use graphic enhancing MODs,... ;)

Install and uninstall with the NMM or manually.
(The texture file and the normal map both belong into this folder: (Skyrim/Data/Textures/Armor/Forsworn)

To get the normal (replacing) headdress ingame you can use this console code:

type in: player.additem d8d52 1

22. Jan 2012: Update 1.3: Two new Retextures:
SNOW LEOPARD - a matching Headdress for Rekicker's Forsworn Armor Retextures!
LITTLE EAGLE - a new Retexture inspired by Native American cultures

18. Jan 2012: UPDATE: V 1.2 - 4 new COLORS: LAVENDER, DarkRED, CHOCOLATE, BLONDE_2!

14. Jan 2012: UPDATE: V1.1 - 4 new COLORS - engraved ivory horns + 2 beads: OLIVE, MINT, PINK, TURQUOISE!

12. Jan 2012: UPDATE: 4 new COLORS available: RED (natural), and 3 "fantasy" Colors - RoseRed, SnowWhite and PURPLE!

11. Jan 2012: IMAGEs - UPDATE today! I hope you like them - my new model is Kilea.

If you like my retextures please leave a comment

If you have any questions, requests, whatever... just ask!

Upload your images of my mod if you want!

Enjoy the game!



A very, very BIG THANK YOU - to Grimoa for the amazing standalone versions of my Headdress Retextures!

Thanks to Rekicker for giving me the permission to use his SnowLeopard-Textures to create a matching Headdress Retexture.
And for answering my modding-questions! :)

A BIG THANK YOU to mrLenski for his amazing mods Coverwomen + LaceWarpaint, Covereyes
- I use them for all my screenshots and characters!

You can download my nord-headdress-model Kilea here : Beautiful Kilea

If you like my orc-model Kiruna, you can download her here: Mystical Orc Lady Kiruna
She is the reason for creating this retextures!

get my other Mods here:

For more infos, mods and images visit my profile: 83Willow