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Unassuming, unglamorous, not too large of a player home in Solitude, but designed to be used with any Solitude overhaul mod, including Dawn of Solitude/Skyrim, or JK's Solitude, or vanilla.

Permissions and credits

Of the fortifications still standing in Solitude, one of the most recognizable upon first seeing the city gates is a tall tower, called the Tower of the Wolf. 

Its early years weren't documented well unlike its more famous edifices such as Castle Dour and The Blue Palace, as the tower was at first a purely defensive fortification and housed a squad of guards; the tower later witnessed the horrors brought about by the infamous Wolf Queen Potema, of soldiers replaced by undead, of a city under a terrifying boot-heel, and then the siege laid down by Imperial troops, whereupon the Tower was nearly destroyed had it were not that it was taken over and used as a command post for which to direct the army to point and cleanse out the city.

After that war, a knight, whose name was forgotten in the tides of time, came back among the army to liberate the city, was awarded by the new High King to turn the tower into his personal residence; he then proceeded to personalize, equip and expand it, just enough to keep a mistress, and a trusted servant. 

Since then the Tower passed hands for centuries, from generation to generation, from ascetic bachelors to families, sold, bought, pawned... until one day its unknown but frantic owner forgot to lock the door!


  • Double bed, plus a bed for one follower
  • Convenient access to Solitude's trade district
  • Ten-weapon rack plus weapon and shield plaques
  • Balcony with a good view of the city
  • Small heated bathroom
  • Extensive storage options
  • Bookshelves for collectors
  • Can be used as a secondary home for three followers (using My Home is Your Home)
  • Navmeshed
  • Cleaned with TES5edit
  • Script-Free  Only the bathtub autostrip/auto-reequip function is scripted, but it shouldn't cause any harm to your gamesave/playthrough should this mod is uninstalled, so...
  • Bathtub has autostripping functions -- either follower or your character will unequip once they use the tub 
  • No god items included

Where to Find?

As soon as you enter Solitude, turn to your right -- It's located in a tower to the right of the execution platform; take the staircase, following the lamps, until you find a door.


Designed to be used alongside Dawn of Solitude/Skyrim or JK's Solitude, but also works with Vanilla Skyrim. My Home is Your Home can be used with this mod to house additional followers.

However, other mods that use the same tower will not work.

  • Compatible with Complete Solitude
  • NOT compatible with Solitude Tower Loft (clipping/collision)
  • NOT compatible with The Rookery (navmesh)
  • NOT compatible with Tropical Skyrim unless one has to remove some trees and plants through the console or via Jaxonz Positioner.
  • Compatibility patch with Real Shelter now available. 

Make sure your Skyrim version is updated to


  • NMM: simply install the mod.
  • MO: simply install the mod.
  • Manual: open the downloaded file with 7zip, and then click and drag the .ESP into Skyrim's Data folder.

ATTENTION: For Dawn of Solitude/Skyrim or JK's Solitude, on the load list the Tower of the Wolf should be loaded after either of those mods.


  • NMM: Use NMM to uninstall the mod.
  • MO: deactivate the mod and remove.
  • Manual: make a gamesave away from Solitude, preferably in an interior cell, exit Skyrim; open Skyrim's Data folder, find SolitudeWolfTower.esp and its accompanying .BSA, and delete both of them.

Upgrading (just in case)

Take all stored items from containers, chests and racks, and then step out of the house, before making a new gamesave and exiting Skyrim. Use the installation procedure to upgrade the mod, before going back into the game.


If a certain object is out of position (i.e. enchanting table, wine rack), open the console (the tilde key ~), click on the offending object, then type and enter recycleactor to return the object to its proper position.


I would like to thank the following other authors for their resources and products:
  • InsanitySorrow (TESA) -- chessboard, pillows, paintings, soap
  • Stroti & Tamira (TESA) -- portions of Dragonstone (hanging cabinet, washbasin), potbelly oven, teapot...
  • FPI Research (TESA) -- alchemy jars, quill & inkpot, smelting pot... 
  • eldiabs (Nexus) -- activators and bookshelves
  • jet4571 (Nexus) -- copy and paste wharehouse (sic) cell
  • Oaristys & Tony67 (TESA) -- Modder's Resource Pack (so many of them, can't list all)
  • stoverjm (TESA) - Open Books Library 1.1 (based on Blary's Open Books Resource)


Any modification to the mod requires my express permission. The use of third-party assets in this mod for other mods or purposes requires the permission from their respective authors. Uploading this mod to sites other than Nexus or TESA without my authorization is strictly prohibited.