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This mod gifts you some really powerful gear depending on your enchanting level. The changes in this version are :

1. Removed most of the files. Now this contains only two files. The first one gifts the gears. The second one gifts the poisons.

2. Added The most powerful Daedric and Ebony weapons with Dragon breath and Elemental Fury enchantment on them.

3. Added Rings and necklaces that allows you to

*** Take on a wolf form whenever you please

*** Summon Fire, Frost, Storm thralls, Dragon priests, Dremora Lord and Hero from Svangard. They disappear as soon as the corresponding ring or necklace is unequipped.

*** Have night vision and invisibility

*** Call a storm (The storm stops when you unequip the gear)

*** Have a flame cloak permanently which will burn through anything depending on your enchanting level

*** Have the benefits of the Kohnrik Dragon Priest Mask

4. Now the first file gives you 2000 carryweight so that you are no longer encumbered after running the file. You may use "player.forceav carryweight " to set it as you please


1. Just put all the files into the Skyrim Main Folder (not the data folder)

2. Save game so that you can reload in case you don't like what you're gonna get

3. Empty your complete inventory to a box or some storage so that you can take a detailed look at what this mod gives you.

3. Set your enchantment level to 100, 500 or 1000 by running : bat enchant100, bat enchant500 or bat enchant1000.

Alternatively, you can also bring up the console (NOTE : If you don't know how the console comes up, press the Tilde (`) or (~) key. Its the key to the left of '1' on your keyboard) and type

player.setav Enchanting

where is the level you want to set it to. ALL your gear will have their enchantments correspond to your enchanting level. e.g., if your enchanting level is 200, a particular circlet will give you "Destruction spells are 200% more powerful" and so on.

4. Now bring up the console and type :
bat allgear
bat allpoisons

5. Take a look at the things you have and throw the rest away :)

1. Once you use the ring to change into Wolf form, you can only turn back when the time runs out as usual. If you want to change back soon, just wait (press T) for around 2 hours.

2. You choose how powerful the gears are gonna be by deciding on your enchanting level before running the bat command.

3. You can set your enchanting level back to the original level by retyping player.setav Enchanting

4. You can also change your Carryweight to the original value by retyping player.forceav Carryweight

*** MORE INFO ***

Skyrim Console Commands :
Items :
Enchantment Effects :
Alchemy Effects :


Wanna post this anywhere ? Wanna modify this ? Just do it. I thought sharing it would be better than letting it rot on my computer. Also, please endorse this file if it has been of any help to you :)

Have Fun and Bless you !
~ Ssshhiivv