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Adds a spell that organizes your inventory items into containers in your house.

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One Click Sorting

NO LONGER MAINTAINED. There's a superior sorting system available at my other mod, Useful Alteration

This mod adds a new spell called "Unobsess." When cast in a cell (either indoor or outdoor), it does the following:

1. Picks eight containers in the house, for Weapons, Apparel, Crafting Items, Potions, Ingredients, Books, Food, and Junk.
2. Automatically sorts the caster's inventory into those containers.
3. Prevents you from interacting with anything during the sort, so you don't have to worry about messing it up.
4. Remembers which containers are which, so if you cast the spell again in the same location, your inventory gets sorted the same way.
5. Causes the containers to glow for a few seconds so you can find them if you forget.
6. Allows you to override the default container choices by casting the spell while sneaking.

When the containers stop glowing, you can interact with things again. If I have a lot of stuff, the sorting can take around ten seconds on my machine. Ponder the Way of the Voice during this time.

The mod attempts to pick good default containers:

1. Weapons and Arrows go in the Player Chest or a long noble chest;
2. Armor/Apparel go into a wardrobe or a dresser;
3. Books go in an endtable or a bookcase;
4. Crafting items (ore, ingots, gems, animal stuff, soul gems) go in a safe or a cupboard;
5. Potions go in a barrel;
6. Food goes in a sack;
7. Ingredients go in a satchel;
8. Junk goes in whatever container is closest.

If a preferred container type can't be found in the house, a random one close to the caster will be used.

That all works well for small homes like Breezehome, but not so well for larger homes like Proudspire Manor. To override a container choice:

1. Sneak.
2. Cast the spell near the container you want to use.
3. The container will glow red. Forever, unless you complete the next step.
4. Open the container and put something in the desired category inside. For instance, if you want the container to store weapons, put a weapon inside.
5. You'll get a message like "This container will store weapons."
6. The container will stop glowing.


1. You should only cast Unobsess in a house you own. Otherwise your items might get flagged as stolen by the system. I can't do anything about that.
2. Quest items are also sorted/stored. This can mess up quests unless you remember to take them out again.
3. This mod should work with any player-owned house, even those added by other mods, even if they use totally new containers.
4. It's safe to uninstall this mod; you won't lose any of your stuff. (You just won't be able to autosort it anymore.)


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