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Alters vanilla master spells so that you can cast them quicker, cast them while moving, and dual cast them.

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Master Spells Should Be Masterful

You've slowly and painfully leveled your magic skill, without even cheating. You laboriously leveled enchanting to the point where you can cast high level spells. You went on an annoying quest and solved an annoying riddle to gain the master Ritual Spells...

...only to discover that they all, every single last damn one of them, suck.

They suck because you can't actually cast them. You can't actually cast them because they (A) take three seconds to cast, during which the dragon has roasted you to death; (B) require both hands to cast, so you can't get any benefits from dual casting, so you finally discover that you wasted that perk point on dual casting at level 50; (C) require you to stand perfectly still while casting, meaning you're going to get interrupted by a shout, a spell, or an arrow before you ever get the chance.

This mod fixes all that. All the vanilla master spells can now be cast with one hand. With the exception of Flame, Frost and Storm Thrall, they can all be dual cast for much more intense effects. And I reduced the casting time from 3 seconds to 1, because SERIOUSLY.

That's it. I'll leave it to you to decide if you think it's overpowered. Obviously I think the originals were seriously underpowered, but YMMV.


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Master Spells Should Be Masterful
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