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Air Atronachs now in Skyrim. Along with an artifact of a powerful Air Monarch.

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This mod adds a new Atronach type called "Air Atronach".
These atronachs are based on the ones from ESO.
It adds 2 new playable conjuration spells, 2 new staves for those spells, 2 new masks and a new enemy.
Both spells will be more powerful if you have the Elemental Potency perk.

The spells and masks can be aquired from the 3 new bosses around Skyrim (Check the images to see locations).
These bosses are powerful and will be very hard to defeat with a low-level player.
Read the note they carry.
The masks are temperable.

The non-DLC version of the mod adds the staves to the bosses.
The other version - Dragonborn DLC version requires the main file (Non-DLC version), it won't work without.
The Dragonborn-DLC version removes the staves from the bosses but allows for them to be created at the Staff Enchanter (if you know the spells).

The Dragonborn-DLC version also changes the Air Atrona
ch/Thrall/Monarch power to a cyclone.

(Shows only the non-DLC version)

I know they don't look the same as the ones from ESO.

Other videos that show the mod:

Thanks to DGC and Dptheslothking for them.
Contact me if you'd like to use any assets from this mod.
David Aron/Grohiik;

Be sure to take a look at my upcoming mod project!
The Challenge of Cthulhu: