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A well furnished but abandoned Priory near Solitude - a perfect coastal home for the Dragonborn.

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It was my 29th birthday yesterday, and a wonderful time it was. I even managed to finish my newest player home for those of us still searching for the right pad!

Priory of the Cape

On the coastal base of Solitude's arch overlooking the Sea of Ghosts, with a fine line of sight to Nightcaller Temple and the College of Winterhold, the Priory of the Cape is a player home comparable in size to other Vanilla homes, and should feel fairly lore-friendly, even if set up with a few neat trinkets in the style of a wealthy adventurer. I've blended a few architectural elements together, but I feel it has succeeded in its purpose.

- Over a dozen weapon racks and plaques, with two manikins.
- Most desired crafting stations.
- A fair balance of ambient lighting, with special static items such as a mirror, Ideal Master crystal and unique Shrine of Arkay.
- A balcony overlooking the cape, a hatch to the tower's peak, outhouse and small barn for 2 cows.
- Hearthfire-friendly garden with chicken coup.
- Blend of Hearthfire, Dawnguard and Dragonborn architecture.
- An Aetherium Circlet by the Dragon Shrine in the back of the home; in case you wanted the other Aetherium items as well.
- Most importantly, Multiple Adoption Friendly! with room for a spouse and 2 children. Properly navmeshed.

- Second File is an update with 2 extra beds (total 5), an outdoor chest, and a modified north wing.

Compatibility / Incompatibility:

- No incompatibility known yet, unless the landmass is taken by another mod. It works well with the Solitude Docks mod (for a nearby community) and, I imagine, Syerscote across the inlet.
- The mod is located just a stone's throw south of the Dainty Sload, very close to the Solitude Windmill exit.
- Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn are required.

- Just one file to go in your Skyrim > Data directory.

I hope everyone enjoys this mod, I'm very happy for the success of the style and coding to work with all 3 DLC's to make a cozy and unique home for you. If you have any suggestions, they're more than welcome!