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You thought there was only one obnoxiously sexy elf causing mischief in Skyrim, think again! Miosotis Mio for short is Tamarias big sister and shes ready to kill, steal and do whatever it is you do to pass the time in Skyrim. Also W.I.P Voiced Followe

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  • Mio is 100% standalone and requires NO other mods to appear as she does. please enjoy huns :3
  • I've added a preview video to the "Things You Should Know section" that details everything you need to know about Mio. You can find her at the "Temple Of Kynareth"

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.Other Follower Mods (Mio's little sister)

Miosotis is a custom elf follower, who's currently in development of being a fully voiced custom follower. Miosotis "Mio" for short is a very carefree and somewhat air-headed elf who's mixed with Ningheim, Ashen, and High Elf. This ofcourse makes her far older than she looks, clocking her years of life around 213. Mio is the older sister of Tamaria Soul-Tamer, her socially obnoxious and purposefully asshole-ish rival sibling. They bicker and fight often over one anothers prefered lifestyle. Mio finds Tamaria's thirst for mischief and mayhem childish and comparable to that of the most basic of dremora henchman. She often tries to coax her younger sister into adapting a less chaotic lifestyle, but has seen little progress. Despite this Mio cares for Tamaria more than anything in the world, and if anyone tries to do harm upon her...well lets just say an IceSpike is a very bad place to have up one's bum, no? Unlike Tamaria, Mio doesn't have much of an interest in harassing the denizens of Skyrim, nor harassing Nazeem. Mio fills her idle pursuits with reading and studying the ways of the profound and mystical, or basically any shit that has something to do with magic. Despite most elven customs Mio worships the 9 divines, and Kynareth in particular, finding her avatar to be the most crucial. Mio has associated with Daedra before, but not to the extent of her sister. Mio has conversed and allied herself with Azura and Mephaela, finding them to be the only tolerable of daedra, unlike her sister, Tamaria who just worships whichever daedra that asks her to kill things. Mio has very little interest in the political climate of Skyrim, but one thing she knows for sure is that she is consciously baffled by the StormCloaks. She's tolerant of Nords and their customs, but finds the ideology of the Stormcloaks childish and misguided. She does not ally herself with the Thalmor, finding them to be empirical narcissists with a superiority complex but finds the Nords goal of overthrowing the elves near to impossible, going so far to see the rebellion as a wee child throwing a tantrum to their more powerful and able parent. She sees the Stormcloak rebellion as a win for the Thalmor more than a victory. Mio sees that if man truly wishes to overthrow the Thalmor, they'll need a united Empire with all the provinces, just to match the Thalmor's army. Unfortunately as seen by her, the Stormcloaks actively fighting the empire (against themselves in a way) greatly reduces man power to send the battle towards their main threat. Thus she finds the whole of the rebellion a huge waste of everyone's time, and lives. Still she could care less who wins, for to her if the Thalmor wins she gets nord servants to carry her books around for her, if the StormCloaks wins she'll finally hear an end from her Kinsman about how Thalmor superiority is the only force worth noting. Despite this, if you're good friends with her, she'll kill Thalmor and StormCloaks alike. One thing her and her lil' sister can agree on, is that they love killing shit, even if for different reasons.

  • More Complex AI Packages
  • More compatible bodies
  • Set AI aggression of "StormCloak Faction" to enemy
  • Custom voice & custom quest
  • Custom voiced interaction if her AI senses Tamaria within a 30 foot radius
  • More spells & Stuff

TechPrince for being an insanely awesome and helpful pal
Ningheim Race Mod by Seren4XX Which is what Miosotis' race is based from
Bethesda for making such a deliciously modded game
DIMONIZED UNP female body by dimon99
UNPk TBBP female body by gooboo
SevenBase female body by Crosscrusade DeMoNhUnTeR1986 Sevennity
CHSBHC female body by Cherry Hotaling
CBBE female body by Caliente