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Name:  Nannies of Skyrim
Author Princess Stomper
Version: V1.0
Category: NPCs

Small, simple mod that adds a 'nanny' to each player-owned house in Skyrim/Hearthfire (not the other DLCs). This is so that I can take e.g. Lydia out questing with me without worrying about who can look after the children.

Some of the nannies are young and beautiful, others are old and wizened. They're all female - not that I have any doubt that male nannies make excellent carers, but I just wanted it that way in my game. Each of the nannies is 'protected' - they can be killed by the player, but not by anyone else, to protect them from bandit invasions.

If you don't have children in every home (i.e. with a multiple-adoption mod), you can roleplay them as being cleaners or housemaids. They have no conversation, and just a simple sandbox schedule.

Please contact me with any issues

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