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A mod that expands the city of Markarth to its fullest potential.

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I wasn't happy with how there were no real expansion mods for Markarth. Well, I felt all cities
in this game were too small as well but seems like Markarth gets the least attention. As such, this is perhaps the first ever mod to actually expand on Markarth very significantly.
It took me a long while to make this but now, here it is in its glory. Presenting Markarth, or as I now dub it as... 

The Sky City

Credits to RichardPellets


This mod only edits the upper layers of the city, which I doubt no other mod has ever touched on. So most Markarth mods should be compatible.

JK Markarth
and Dawn of Markarth including, are all compatible. Use them with my mod for the best of both worlds.


I've always envisioned Markarth to be a city built to the top. Given the lack of space I could find
within the city, I had to resort to doing just that instead of on the usual ground. The mountains surrounding the city
made this pretty ideal. A couple of new houses have been built into the mountains, in same way as vanilla's. This is accompanied by plenty of new dwarven structures, pipes and platforms all tucked nicely around the near cliffs and hillsides.  The result is the city looking more epic than ever, reaching the skies at nearly triple its height. I've tried not to go too overkill on the extra stuff for performance sake, but with a balanced and reasonable amount of the new additions. Neither to stray too far from the other vanilla cities.
 This mod was made mainly for aesthetics purposes. For the player to look up at the city and be absolutely amazed at the sheer size of it, to finally realize Markarth truly as a city like it should have been. That is all that was needed to me, enough to give the big impression of a larger city than before.

No scripts are used in this mod and the vanilla portion of the city is completely untouched so there's no concern for anything; Installation and removal is completely safe, just don't do it while in the city exterior.  

Mod has been cleaned with TESVEDIT, so there shouldn't be any dirty records left. 


-  3 new upper house levels, including a couple of new houses and structures

- A large oil refinery facility

- Watchtowers and city towers to survey above and beyond the city walls

- Functioning dwemer lifts to travel up and up

- Large mansion at mountain peak

- A great statue of Sovngarde overlooking the city

- New inhabitants 

Will there be a performance impact?

Perhaps, but it should be mostly minimal, or maybe even none at all. Depending on your setup and texture mods involved, it might differ slightly.
But overall, additional structures/buildings don't affect performance as most think.

I'm getting infinite loading screen/game freezes?
Use Safety Load. Or SSME. Or SKSE 1.7. Or all three of them.

Some of the houses are so high up, how are they reached?

I've tried my best to make all the buildings as logically as I could. Most of the houses are interconnected via tall towers, dwemer lifts or simple walkways so everyone has a way of getting up there. 

What's the difference between this and JK's Markarth/Dawn of Markarth?
Those are city enhancement mods, this is a city expansion mod. Adding not just a few clutter but mainly houses, new areas and giving an extra significant depth to the city to make it bigger in size.