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adds different kimono for female character with fabric based on different seasons.

Permissions and credits
Kisetsu Kimono for UNP by yurica

Katana is here: Hanakotoba Katana Sets by Yurica

~*~ Update & News ~*~

V2.0 - .esp file only, extract and replace. Upgrade to armor to glass level and allow improvement in workbench, you know, everyone took hits sometimes... although the knee is remain unprotected. Those prefer lower armor value can choose not to update ^_^, thanks!

Thanks AlexDanzy for: Russian Translation

~*~ Descriptions ~*~ 

Hello all ^_^

This mod adds 5 sets of kimono ("Haru" "Aki" "Natsu" "Fuyu" & "Violet") to the game based on UNP. The fabric is set as light armor and can be crafted in the tanning rack under the "Misc." category.

The textures are based on the 4 seasons with another black & violet set because I think it looks good to have something darker in color.

~*~ Requirements ~*~ 

UNP Base body & textures.

~*~ Installations ~*~

1 - Extract the files to a location.
2 - Place the extracted "meshes" and "textures" folders into your skyrim/data.
3 - Place the "yurica_kimono.esp" into the skyrim/data.
4 - Activate the .esp.
5 - Enjoy and please don't forget to endorse if you like the armor, thank you & come visit me on yurica-skyrim @ tumblr ^_^

~*~ Thanks Mr. Vatiwah for video! :D ~*~

~*~ Thanks Mr. Sidras for video review :D ~*~

~*~ Others ~*~

There might be clipping somewhere and in some poses because the kimono is very "slim".
Please kindly contact me if you have any questions or needs permission, thank you very much!