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Rabbits of Skyrim
Assets by KANRAx2
Made Standalone, and brought to leveled lists by GrandBulwark

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Rabbits of Skyrim
Project Standalone

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Why the Rabbits though?
This mod is made from a resource I picked up.  I downloaded it from GendunDrup's Creature Resource compilation here and then traced it back to the mod page of origin here

It go me curious as to the levels of diversity of rabbits in Skyrim, something I'd not yet paid any attention too.  Well it turns out, there is only a single rabbit actor in Skyrim...  And he, looks like this;

What in the hell... Is... That!?

Well, obviously you could replace this model; but then at that point you still only have 1 type of rabbit.  Then of course there is the option of automatic variants, but then you're still facing the problem of that ugly, low poly rabbit model.

So what doe this mod do about it?
  1. Adds three better rabbit models
  2. Applies 9 Textures to each model
  3. Adds all 27 of the resulting variants to a sublist
  4. Distributes the sublist, and thus the rabbits, throughout Skyrim

This Video should give you the idea.  Thanks to Matthiaswag for making it!

Another Review video brought to you by Thyworm

Technical Information:
  • Rabbits use 1024x1024 textures
  • Leveled lists are slightly altered, bashed patch is suggested for people who have other creature mods.

"Be vuwwy vuwwy quiet, I'm hunting wabbits" - Elmer Fudd

KANRAx2 for the models and Textures
GrandBulwark for repathing, renaming, making rabbits standalone and distributing in lists

KANRAx2's Models and Textures are free to use.  Unlike most of my mods, I would like to be asked for permission prior to the .esp in this mod being redistributed, or merged into a larger mod.