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Current Version
:  0.6

Requirements:  skyrim 1.9.32+

Introduction:  It let your skyrim children(female and male) use different animations from adult.               
  • v0.6 add:sit 
  • v0.5 only includes 3 kinds animations:idle walk run

Installation:  Extract the archive file to your Data/ folder.Then activate ChildrenAnimationPath.esp.

Uninstallation:  Deactivate esp and delete .esp and .bsa from the data folder.

Upgrade:  Extract the archive file to your Data/ folder and replace old one.

  • PC Exclusive Animation Path.You can load this mod after PCEA. But children's animations won't update after GenerateFNIS running.
  • MOD changes child race (like RS children).

Path for children MOD:
  • RS Children Overhaul 1.1.0
  • TK children 1.0
 If these two master files update,let me know.
 Load order:
  1. * children.esm
  2. Children Animation Path.esp
  3. Children Animation Path For * children.esp
  4. Other plugins of * children MOD

Animation Replace
:  Put your .hkx in Skyrim\Data\meshes\actors\character\animations\childmale or childfemale.
.hkx could be mt_idle.hkx or mt_walk*.hkx or mt_run*.hkx or chair_idlechildbasevar1.hkx
And if you want any other animations for children,let me know.

change log:
v0.6:add sit;remove master file update.esm
v0.5:add animation idle walk run