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Adds a new high-res longsword. Model & Textures by MTindle.

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The Chieftain

A highly detailed one handed longsword with custom blood texture.
It can be crafted at the forge under the steel category. Ebony stats, Ebony Smithing perk.

V1.1 - Added a new unique variant to Naris in Morvunskar and is called "the blade of the wicked". Adds 3 effects, 2 documented and one not;  25% faster attacks, 10% increased health regen and 15% more one handed damage. This unique variant can also be enchanted on top of the perks.

v1.2 - Increased attack speed wasn't working, been changed to resist magic 10%.

V1.21 - Texture edits - unique variant has black handle and black scabbard

V1.22 - Removed some redundant meshes from the archive

V1.22B - Two handed version



MTindle for model and texture.
Albion Swords for the design.
OutbreakDV for ESP plugin.
GrandBulwark for ingame screenshots, esp updates (unique variants etc)