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This is a character slot file for "Enhanced character Edit".

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This is a character slot file for Enhanced Character Edit. NOT a save file.

Installation guide :
1. Do not use NMM for installation.
2. Download and install required mods.
3. Download this slot file and extract.
4. Copy the slot file and paste to: "my documents/my games/skyrim/CME_save/"
5. Start the game and go to the character creation menu by entering the command "Showracemenu" in the console.
6. Load slot number 1. If you already have an existing slot 1 just rename my slot to a different number.

Unistallation guide :
1. delete the slot file.
2. or overwrite the slot file with new settings.

If you want her to look exactly like in the pictures
you need following mods or you will just get the facial features i made in ECE:
  1. Enhanched Character Edit (This is a must have or the file will not work)
  2. Caliente's Beautiful Bodys Edition -CBBE- (I chose the curvy option. Pick the Face pack, the Dark defined Eyebrows and the "dirt to birthmark option"! You can choose to have her naked or with Underwear)
  3. Sporty Sexy Map (Install after CBBE for a sexy defined Body)
  4. Natural Eyes (Eyecolor Mod)
  5. Eye Normal Map Fix (Makes the eyes more realistic)
  6. ApachiiSkyHair (Best Hair mod in my opinion)
  7. SG Female Eyebrows

The look changes with the race you pick. I chose the Bosmer (Wood Elves).