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Patch for the Warglaives of Azzinoth mod to sheath and appear on your back.

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This is a patch for the Warglaives of Azzinoth to allow both Warglaives to be sheathed and visible on your character's back with the mod Dual Sheath Redux.

**Recommend you also download the glow fix to the left glaive sheath, credit to Harki**

There are TWO versions of the sheath.
Version A is completely conflict free which you can immediately install and play, HOWEVER the Warglaives will be backwards and this version is recommended for males only. You may use it for female characters but it clips into the back of the hips as the shape of the Warglaives conflicts with the shape of the female body. You are better off using Version B for females.

Version B is how they appear in World of Warcraft when sheathed but you MUST use the custom skeleton, unless you have no problem with every NPC having their one-hander swords upside down and sticking into the air when sheathed. Download only either male or female, you can have both skeletons working but that will require more tinkering around with the Creation Kit if you are comfortable with that.

Read the installation instructions below if you never applied a custom skeleton or created a custom race before.
Remember - the Warglaives are not shaped like the other swords, maces and axes in-game so the tweaking is necessary to make it look right.

Warglaives of Azzinoth
Dual Sheath Redux
SKSE (Dual Sheath Redux requirement)
SkyUI (Dual Sheath Redux requirement)
Java Runtime Environment (Dual Sheath Redux requirement)
XP32 Maximum Skeleton or Custom Skeleton Replacers. Custom Skeleton Replacers is recommended and there is a number of skeletons to adapt to a combination of body types and weapons.
Creation Kit if you are using Version B.

Make sure Dual Sheath Redux is working properly with the vanilla 1handers first.

Mods I used in the screenshot:
Male Cleric (the tattoos are included in the mod)
Blindfolds of Skyrim

Recommended mods:
Immersive Animations for great dual wield combat and sheathing animations.

Thanks faxivcm for creating the Warglaives of Azzinoth mod.
Thanks Neovalen for creating Dual Sheath Redux and making dual wielding better.
Thanks Blizzard Entertainment for the Warcraft universe.

Installation for Version B

In order to get Version B (how it appears in WoW) to work correctly, you need to do the following steps unless of course you're okay with every NPC in-game who uses your character's skeleton to have all their swords upside down and sticking in the air.

The links are attached images to help you.

If you are planning to apply this on a custom race that you already have installed, you can pretty much skip to step 8.

1. First download the patch you want to use and install via NMM (or mod manager of your choice) and let it overwrite the original files.

2a. You will need the Creation Kit for this, if you don't have it download and install it through Steam.

2b. Open up the Creation Kit.

3. Load up Skyrim.esm and wait until all the content finishes loading.

4. In the Objects Window, type in the filter the race you wish to play with the Warglaives.
In the following example, I will use the male Nord race. To start, I would type in "nordrace" in the filter.

5. On the right hand side, a list of Editor IDs will appear, I would right click "NordRace" and select duplicate on the dropdown menu.

6. There now be a new Editor ID called "NordRaceDUPLICATE."

7. I would then right click the "NordRaceDUPLICATE" ID and select edit on the dropdown. Once the new window opens, tick the "Full" box on the bottom and you will see on the right a head with no body show up. On the first tab under General Data look for "Copied Data" box on the bottom right hand corner. I would select both dropdowns of Morph Race and Armor Race as "NordRace" because that's the race I plan to use. Tick the "Full" box again and it will refresh the display, now showing the body - What the body shows here is how it appear in-game. If you are satisfied with what you see, you're all done for this step. If the body is still invisible or you don't like the look, keep srolling through Morph Race and Armor Race and refreshing the display box until you get the appearance you're satisfied with.

8. Next go the Body Data tab and click the edit button on top of skeleton, change the directory to:
actors\character\character assets\WarglaiveSkeleton\skeleton.nif (for a male character)
actors\character\character assets\WarglaiveSkeleton\skeleton_female.nif (for a female character).

9. Next go to the Text Data tab and change the name of the race to whatever you want (eg. 'Nord Duplicate') so you don't get mixed up which is race is which.

10. You are all done editing, click ok to close the window and save the file. Name the .esp whatever you wish.

11. Load the .esp file and start Skyrim. If you plan to use it on a new character, simply just select the duplicate race you created.
If you want to change a current character, go to the console by pressing the ~ key and typing in 'showracemenu.' However if you use the showracemenu command, it will affect your character's stats so it's recommended you use a mod such as this to prevent stat changes.