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New HD spell tome books

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New HD textures for spell tome books, textures have 2k resolution and using restoration spell tome book mesh (it looks better). This mod contains only "largespelltome" textures, so textures for world models ("spelltome" textures) is untouched. Therefore I edited spell tome book meshes for both, world models and inventory models. So, what else to write? Everything works fine, just enjoy this mod, I hope you like it. :)

Conflicts: This conflict with everything what replace spell tome books meshes and "largespelltome" textures. But, if you want use custom textures, you can still use my meshes, for better looking.

Mod preview (thanks to Slytra for video)

Copy Data folder from my rar file to you Skyrim directory. 

Something like "Games > The Elder Scrolls Skyrim V > Here copy Data file"

If you want delete meshes, go to "Data > Meshes > Clutter > books > delete all "spelltomelowpoly" then go to book02 > character assets > and delete all "spelltome"

If you want delete textures, go to "Data > Textures > Clutter > books > delete all "largepselltome"

Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim

Slytra for video

Edwarr for this mod