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A small skse and script mod that tracks the player's head using the player camera.

Permissions and credits
This mod makes it so the the player's head tracks based on camera facing.  Head Tracking can be toggled using the 'v' key.

This mod was designed and intended for use with Immersive First Person by meh321, but it can be used for some head control in third person without that mod.  As of version 2.0, Immersive First Person View includes head tracking in first person and third person with configuration.  If you use that mod, you likely don't need this one.  Additionally, this mod can be a lot of fun to use with a custom race that has a longer snout, such as the Fennec, Vaalsark, Ulfhednar, Vukasin, or Lykaios .

This mod makes use of a tight scripting loop. If your configuration already has trouble with script lag, this mod may not be for you.

This mod was created for personal use, and I thought people might find it interesting.  It has not been thoroughly tested, but I have played several hours and script lag was the only encountered issue.

Added MCM with configuration for script execution interval, Disable Mod in First Person, Toggle Key, and Pose Key.
Added a pose key the stops the target object from moving, but continues to force headtracking to the target.
Added option to disable mod function in first person to fix first person bugs in vanilla.
Install: this version should install over the old without issue.
Improves script handling of static object deletion.  This should improve stability and reduce chance of bloat.
Fixed bug with archery.
Install: this version should install over the old without issue.  If in doubt, perform uninstall and reinstall the mod.

Mod in action:
The video shows one of my characters (Lykaios) in a small demonstration of the mod, followed by brief combat in first person perspective.

Required Mods:
This mod requires SKSE to function.

Simply unzip to your data directory and activate the esp.  This is a scripting mod, so it would be a good idea to backup/make new saves to ensure there are no uninstall issues.

Toggle headtracking off in game ('v' key) and save.  Remove all files added by this mod. Partial uninstall may result in save files that cannot be loaded.

How it works:
This mod uses a script to create an invisible static object, read the camera orientation, move the object to a set distance in front of the player using that orientation, and then track the player's head toward the invisible object.

This mod is inspired by Player Headtracking, but does not use any resources or code from that.