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Allows you to assign up to 5 locations to teleport to/from.

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*Now includes functionality from my Gold Conversion Mod in v2.0*

                                            |                                              Darkxenoths Teleporter Mod                                             |
Are there places you find yourself visiting again, and again? Do you like to have multiple player homes, but hate having to travel to each one? Do you dislike the built-in fast travel, but want a way to get places that's faster than riding your horse or taking the carriage? If so, then this mod is for you.
After installing this mod, you will find a magical Teleporter Lexicon added to your inventory. This lexicon will allow you to:
-Assign up to 5 different places as Teleportation locations
-Teleport to any of the 5 assigned locations, or back to the location you were at prior to teleporting
!!FAIR WARNING!! -Don't teleport to a location prior to assigning it, or you will find yourself in an empty cell that is a placeholder for the locations before  
                             they are assigned.
                            -Assigning a location that you've already assigned will overwrite the previously assigned location 
                             (i.e. Reassigning the first location to a new location will overwrite it).
-The TeleToConvLoc function added in v2.0 will allow you access to a location with a powerful Conversion
 Chest. This chest will turn any items placed in it into their base* gold value after being closed.
!!FAIR WARNING!! -Don't put anything in the chest that you want to keep - JUST DON'T!
 *Items placed in the chest likely won't give the amount of gold you would expect from
  the value displayed in your inventory. This is due to the fact that it calculates the
  value of items based on their base, non/un-enchanted, forms.
Up-to-Date Skyrim
Up-to_Date SKSE
Installation should be a fairly painless task, whether you prefer to install using a Mod Manager utility such as Nexus Mod Manager or if you manually install.
|NMM Installation|
Click the "Download with Manager" button on the Skyrim Nexus page.
Activate the mod in NMM.
-Simple as that-
|Manual Installation|
Extract the contents of the provided Skyrim folder to your Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim
 -Example: C:\Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim
 -There shouldn't be anything that needs overwriting, unless another of your mods has files with conflicting file names.
 -Files included are: DarkxenothTeleporter.esp, DarkxenothTeleporterScript.psc, DarkxenothAddTeleLexicon.psc, DarkxenothTeleporterScript.pex,  
As a final installation note - It is always good practice to run LOOT after adding any mod to your load order. Load order shouldn't make a difference for this, feel free to place it wherever you want or where LOOT places it.
It shouldn't make a difference when you uninstall this mod, as far as I know.
|Uninstalling with NMM|
Simply deactivate the mod in NMM
|Manual Uninstall|
Remove DarkxenothTeleporter.esp from your Skyrim\Data folder
Remove DarkxenothAddTeleLexicon.psc and DarkxenothTeleporterScript.psc from your Skyrim\Data\Scripts\Source folder
Remove DarkxenothAddTeleLexicon.pex and DarkxenothTeleporterScript.pex from your Skyrim\Data\Scripts folder