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A wonderful little device that helps you travel far and wide and back again with greater ease.

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You've delved deep into dungeons and laden your followers with the spoils of your adventures but now to get home you must wait for load screen after load screen as you travel back into town and into the area and into your home and into the next subcell... it gets exhausting, and you have several more trips worth of stuff to take!

When used in your inventory, this handy Dwemer compass will give you several options:

You can Travel to one of 3 custom locations which you can set by using the Set location option. You can then travel to these configured locations from any outdoor area and have the option to drop a waymark to your current spot when doing so, which will allow you to return using the Return to Waymarker option from anywhere. Additionally you can choose to Check Heading in order to see a list of all travel locations and waymarker, and can clear the compass and start fresh.

This little device is great for looting dungeons. Simply drag bag after bag of stuff from the dungeon and use the compass to go home. Drop off your spoils and use the compass return to waymarker option to return to the dungeon door to continue your adventures


this mod should be compatible with any mod out there. It's very simple, just a couple models and script and sound file and that's it.


Just drop the files into your DATA folder or install via any mod manager and you are good to go!


The compass should function without SKSE, but requires it for properly displaying the location names. Without SKSE you will have to remember what locations you set from memory.

All this mod requires is the base Skyrim game. NOTE: if you are using my massive museum mod Legacy of the Dragonborn You do NOT need this mod as it is included in(and in fact came from development of) that mod

Where to find it: SPOILER

You can find the dwemer compass inside a unique "magical chest" inside the black reach city "silent ruin" area