About this mod

Adds two unique dragon priest themed followers

Permissions and credits

Amazing female dragon priest concept art by Adam Adamowicz

This mod provides you two unique followers named Byrgith and Rannweig. They're dragon priestesses and have their special abilities. In combat they use spells from different schools and dragon shouts. Byrgith (the dark one) is focused on fire spells and shouts, and Rannweig (second one) is focused on ice. Also they have unique spell for summoning draugrs. Each priestess summons 2 draugrs (male and female). I highly recommend to look on their names for a funny easter egg ;D This followers may not be suitable for a low level character and low game difficulty level. 
Priestesses have their own body (UNP), textures, hair and outfits. You may find both followers in The Bannered Mare, Whiterun.
(if they will not be hanging around the fireplace, look in both rooms on the top floor)

This mod is fully standalone and you don't need anything else. Works with all follower framework overhaul mods.
Unpack the archive and put files to your Data folder, rewrite if prompted, activate TMDragonPriest.esp in the game's launcher.
Have fun and don't forget to endorse if you liked! ;)

Many-many thanks to my friend TheDNightshade for all help and contribution to this mod and Equipable Horns
kani_hime for face & body textures
Maevan2 for Mature skin
dimon99 for DIMONIZED UNP female body
egpants for Realistic Old Age for Women
Xenius for XCE
Halendia for Iridum Eyes
Diethardt for Better Makeup
ElaNeith for The Neith Team Warpaints Set
AurianaValoria1 for Warpaints by Auriana
peggyzone for Byrgith's hair and to kani_hime for conversion
Apachii for ApachiiSkyHair
Backsteppo for Dragon Priests Armor and to Canoness for UNP mesh replacer
SydneyB for sandals from Imperial outfit
cleanzor for Torcs
Noodles for Cloaks of Skyrim mesh
TheDNightshade and kani_hime for testing and screenshots ♥

Permission note: you are not allowed to modify, translate or reupload this mod without permissions.