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Last updated at 18:56, 7 Sep 2014 Uploaded at 16:24, 7 Sep 2014

Or Skyrim Realistic Immersive Doors Overhaul

This mod is pretty simple: it removes any text on all doors you might encounter. The only text you can eventually see is [Locked], when the door is locked. This also has the effect of removing any text indicating the level of the lock: no more "Apprentice", etc.
You won't be able to see who's the the owner of which house. You will have to remember that yourself.

This mod is inspired by my other mod: People Are Strangers.

Things you should know:
  • Is compatible with any mod as far as I know.
  • Does NOT require SKSE.
  • Only ONE script will run only ONCE then will NEVER run again.
  • Does not affect the game's performances.
  • Will affect doors from other mods and DLC's.
  • Please don't ask if I can add a filter to allow visited places to be shown on doors, the answer is: it would require scripts to almost constantly run on your save. Which is NOT the case here.