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Adds a lore-friendly front porch to the Breezehome that looks like it should have been there to begin with. Compatible with Dawn of Whiterun JK's Whiterun and Beautiful Whiterun just to mention a few.

Permissions and credits
I was tired of how the exterior of the Breezehome was laid out.  I added a front porch that I believe is very lore-friendly.

UPDATE v1.3: (to update, just drag, drop, and replace the old file in the "Data" folder)
- Fixed issue where random people would show up in the Breezehome (my bad with the navmesh).
- Navmesh fixes.
- More edits and additions. (Pictures are not up to date).
- Other minor bug fixes.

UPDATE v1.2:  (to update, just drag, drop, and replace the old file in the "Data" folder)
- ASLAO is now Companion and follower friendly.  Navmesh has been added.
- More edits and additions.
- Minor fixes.

UPDATE v1.1:  (to update, just drag, drop, and replace the old file in the "Data" folder)
- Cleaned both main and optional files with TesVEdit.
- Minor edits and additions.

- Compatible with all mods that do not effect the area in-front of the Breezehome as shown in the picture.
- I uploaded a "Beautiful Whiterun" compatible mod.
- The Main File is compatible with both "JK's Whiterun" and "Dawn of Whiterun" respectively. 

Recommended mods:  I love these mods so much that I just have to recommend them.  They also make my mods look so much better :)
- JK's Whiterun  <-- yes, I have this mod installed in the picture.
- Terrace Porch forBreezehome <--I didn't show this mod in the picture so you won't get confused between what comes with his mod and mine.  This mod is also my inspiration for making this.

both of these are obviously compatible :P

- Latest version of Skyrim.

Use nexus or manually drop the file into your "Data" folder.

For the "Beautiful Whiterun" compatible mod, use the compatible file that I uploaded ONLY.  Use only if you have "Beautful Whiterun" installed. Use in place of the Main File and make sure this comes after "BeautifulWhiterun.esp" and "RealisticWhiterun.esp" in the load order.
Known Issue(s):
- There are no known issues with this mod.

AAAWWWWW....if you have to, just simply removethe .esp file from the "Data" folder or uninstall with nexus.

And, as always, thank you for looking/downloading...  If you like my work, please remember to check out some of my other mods :)
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