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Brief Overview
PerkTomes - books that grant you a perk when read. (magical tomes self-destruct). Each Vanilla Perk has a corresponding PerkTome
Training Dialogue - NPCs will teach you the Relevant perks ... For a price.

Quest Rewards - Quests that previously resulted in a skill reward will grant you a perk instead.

Weapon and Armour Specialization Perks (BETA) - Pick one Perk form the beginning of the one-handed tree and worry not about damage scaling. Types of Light Armour also matter; as you might imagine wearing Leather, Wearing Studded, and wearing Glass, should have little in common.

Perk Efficiency Scaling (BETA) - The efficiency of some Perks will improve depending on the skill. So far
one-handed, alchemy Light Armor and pickpocket are affected only.
Critical Effect Scaling - After improving your Skill in some particular areas, you might notice that there's a slight chance to produce an unexpected effect, like disarming an enemy by a heavy blow with a battleaxe. Cuts Both Ways ...
--Uncapper-- Presets Provide the ability to control the amounts of Perk Points awarded at each level-up. You can play Vanilla, getting most of the perks you want, or you can play hardcore scrying for books.


This mod is a fork of iPalantir's Modular overhaul. May Kynareth bless her with good health and Zenithar - with good fortune.

The essential idea behind Immersive Gameplay, is that all things happen as realistically as possible, or at least without developer-specific shortcuts. This is exactly why Skyrim's Knowledge-of-Steel-Smithing-out-of-Thin-Air approach is a disaster. In real life, only a small percentage of the techniques that we apply on a daily basis is granted through some epiphany (the only Lore-Friendly way of Calling the Vanilla System). Most of what we know comes from books and kind folk that taught us, how it's done. Hence, the idea of learning a perk by reading a book, shouldn't be at all unnatural. As is the idea of asking a World-Renowned Blacksmith of Whiterun to teach you how to fashion steel.
The Books are placed in locations that make sense, their manner of operation makes sense (for example, all magical perks are granted through self-destructive PerkTomes, with a small exception of books in Daedric and Aldmeri), and they could be found in quantities that make sense.
In addition, lots of work was poured into making the text somewhat enjoyable and worthy of spending time at. In other words I've spent a month composing 200 unique texts to make every single perktome feel like an actual book. AS for more details, I'd rather not spoil the fun... Explore and you shall be rewarded, help and you shall be helped, reave and you'll be trampled by your own ambition... Provided 'twas not what you sought.


Extract to Data Folder.


Because this mod essentially adds ways to get more perks, I'd strongly recommend using the  --Uncapper--, as it gives you a way to reduce the amounts of epiphanies and give you a more balanced gameplay.
Preset configurations for the --Uncapper-- are provided as optional files. Since there were changes to the functionality of the perks (among other things) I'd suggest you consider using a partially-limiting preset, before moving on to the hardcore. Depending on what other mods are you using, I'd suggest different presets. For example, when using Duel Combat Realism, I'd suggest going with the Hardcore, as the success in combat, using this mod mainly depends on the initiative, and not the stats.

PERKY - Far too many perks to provide each with a tome. (no patch)
Perk Up - Same as above[left] Complete Crafting Overhaul - Minor issues with nomencalture and Perk Requirement mismatches (fixed in 1.1.3a). [/left] Empowered Magic/Stealth Skills Rebalance - Same as above. (patch included in 1.1.3a)
Perk Point Potion
- Fully compatible. Suggest using a weighted uncapper preset.
Autoperk systems (e.g. Atuomatic Perk Stats Level) - Makes Perk Tomes and dialogue Redundant. The books, however, are still there and pretty much comsetic. (no patch possible)
Dragon Souls to Perks - Not all mods were tested, but since they contain no edits to the perks themselves, should be compatible. (1.1.3a)
Eloquent Reader/Read to learn Speechcraft - Fully compatible
Guard Dialgue Overhaul - Fully compatible
Requiem - Has a far too complicated system to temper with.
Perkus Maximus - Conflicting functionality. Conflicting philosophy. Sorry folks, no way I can get my old horsie to drag that mercedes
SPERG - Same as above.
SkyRe-  Partial compatibility: The Vanilla-ish perks ARE Vanilla Perks, so the new mechanism of getting them works well. However, I won't be making neither Tomes nor dialogue for any the SKyRe specific perks. I would suggest using a light Uncapper preset, because the ONLY way of getting the additional perks is through the Vanilla system, and setting that too low, will result in god knows what.

Will you add this to Requiem or XYZ project
- Yes, but no sooner than July this year.
Does it work with XYZ Perk mod, that adds perks
- No. It won't crash, but the books will be redundant depending on the implementation
Does it work with XYZ Perk mod, that changes changes vanilla perk behaviour? (e.g. XYZ Revamp, overhaul, rebalance)
- Yes, but the description of the perk in the books won't match the gameplay effect.
Does it work with Crafting overhauls
- Yes. Load them after my mod.
Do I need a clean save?
- No, but for balance purposes, I'd recommend starting fresh.
is it script heavy?
- No, there are only three scripts statically attached to books, and papyrus fragments for dialogue.
Any special procedures for (un)-installation?
- No, just drag and drop (delete).
Does it re-balance the game?
- Yes. Perks here work to allow you to adapt your style, rather than to keep you alive. Higher levels will be more challenging, as you'll reach the maximum efficiency at skill 150, rather than 100.
How do Auto-Perks work?
-They're not automatically assigned perks, there are no scripts to do that. Instead, the vanilla perks check against your skill level, so you could have master level damage increase from daggers by investing just one perk point into the tree, for daggers' training.
What happens to vanilla Perks?
- If you don't use one of the uncapper presets provided, you will get a perk point each level-up. Due to gameplay changes this won't unbalance the game much, albeit it will make you too powerful still.

  • All known issues fixed in the 1.0.4lts. So if anything's wrong - upgrade.

iPalantir - The first one to prove this is possible.
Bethesda Softworks - for a great game.
TES5Edit team - for providing the main tool I used.
Creative Commons Share Alike.