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Winterstone Castle

A darker themed castle, hidden among the trees located between Riverwood and Falkreath near Anise's cabin. Has all of the usual amenities and a large library themed display room. Has loads of displays and storage, pool undressing for NPC's, unique item displays (Black Books ect)
Must be purchased for 20,000 (Check the sign next to the main gate)

There are two main files, one with NPC's and one without NPC's, only install one of them.

Compatible with Hearthfire multiple adoptions so you can move your family in (Cast the 'Bless Home" spell inside the castle)

Let me know if you find any bugs!

  • Main Room - Throne, Dining, Bedroom, Kids Room (6 beds)
  • Library - Crafting stations, Display Room
  • Living Quarters - barracks, Bar, pool
  • Crypt - Vampire themed room
  • Small Quest
Requires all DLC'sInstall / Uninstall with NMM

Special Thanks
For allowing me to use these awesome outfits on some of the NPC's:

Daedric Lord Armor
Tribunal Robes
Maid Outfits

Winterstone Castle Polish Translation by xRev

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