About this mod

Adds a new shield to Skyrim.

Permissions and credits


Dragon Slayers Shield Collection adds 3 unique new shields to the Skyrim world. Each is craftable as well as fully upgradeable and enchantable. The textures have been painstakingly done to perfection and each shield has strong yet not over powered stats.
This mod contains: Wooden, dragonscale and shiny steel shields. 
I may add more versions with different materials if the interest is strong enough.


Each shield is craftable at any forge, but can also be located in a chest on the bridge into Dragonsreach.

Ingredients for crafting =

Wooden Shield:
x5 Iron Ingots.
X5 Firewood.
X2 Leather Strips.

Dragonscale Shield:
x6 Dragon Scales.
x1 Quicksilver Ingot.
x2 Leather Strips.

Steel Shield:
x10 Steel Ingots.
X2 Leather Strips.

Hope you enjoy the Dragon Slayer Shields Collection.