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For when just finding gems in every urn and chest isn't enough.

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For when you feel like any of the following:
  • Being a cheating shitlord
  • Swimming in shiny rocks
  • Taking things to ridiculous extremes
This mod is there for you. What this mod does is adds Prowler's Profit gems to every respawning container in the game.

Yes, every one. As in barrels, satchels, sacks, wardrobes, end tables, everything.*

* May not actually include every container; if you find one that doesn't work correctly, make sure the cell reloads properly and send me a message about it if it still doesn't spawn gems. Does not include non-respawning containers, quest containers, or things that aren't containers such as NPCs.

(Since I wasn't originally intending to upload this, I made it to encompass all the major mods and DLC I use that add new containers; as such, this requires Falskaar and Nchuzzrezar, and all DLC.)