Grey Warden by BryanWee20
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Mod: Grey Warden Set
Author: Bryanwee20
Date: 4/9/2014
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This mod is just a standalone from the main mod called mega-armor-mash-up-collection.It includes a multi-themed armor set that leans more towards
warrior/fighter/combat mage character builds. Just like the rest of the armors from the main mod, the armor is a semi-mashup and retext of vanilla armors.

Mod Details:
The mod includes a single full armor set consisting of acuirass, a pair of gauntlets, a pair of boots and a hood. The gauntlets, boots
and hood have alternate variants using different meshes. The armor set has identical stats as generic glass armor.It can be forged at any forge under the steel/leather category. The armor pieces are temperable. The armor supports both male characters only.

CaBaL120 : Forbeing such a cool dude for allowing me to use his mind-blowing textures from
his admidianborn series (Total EPIC-NESS!!).
My crappy school laptop: For not crashing anymore.