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A catalog of placeable furnishings

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Everything for Your Home
Easily find and purchase furnishings of all sorts, and simply drop them in place.

New Name

"Jaxonz Droppable Statics" is now "Jaxonz Furnishings". The new name better reflects what the mod actually does and fits better with the catalog system.
The name change is cosmetic only; all file names remain the same and future versions will overwrite older.

Work In Progress

This is designed as a companion mod for Jaxonz Positioner, providing a resource for furniture, interesting objects, and all sorts of static content.

The mod is continuing to evolve but not yet complete. It demonstrates a framework and foundation for extensible collections of placeable static items.


  • Provides an interactive catalog of items for purchase.
  • Preview each item's 3D model.
  • Keep items in player inventory and simply drop to place them. (Fine tuning with Positioner.)
  • Items have lore-friendly values and weights.
  • Containers are safe and non-respawning.



  • Simply compatible with everything.
  • No known conflicts.
  • Load order should not matter.

Special Thanks

  • Thanks to OrmrSnaethorsen for help establishing values, weights, and sounds of Skyrim furniture and containers. Your efforts and attention to detail is very much appreciated!

Keywords: decorate, furniture, furnishings, containers, Positioner

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