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A lightweight ENB manager with enbseries/enblocal updating, automatic archive extraction, as well as multiple palette and depth of field support.

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This is a simple and lightweight ENB manager written in C#.

If you encounter any issues, please leave a comment letting me know. Thanks to everyone who has tested this out and given me excellent feedback already!

Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5


You can place the executable anywhere you'd like (preferably nested in its own folder as it will store all preset files in subfolders) but I do not recommend using the Program Files directory, as without correct read/write permissions to the directory the program may not work properly.


As of the latest version (, existing configurations from older version will NOT be detected. This is due to a completely different means of managing files and data. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

  • Expanded global INI capabilities to allow any INI file to have global settings for each game
  • Added game-independent filesets to allow users to apply groups of files to presets of any game
  • UI improvements
  • Revamped means of file and application data storage
  • Improved generic (Other Config Files) INI update confirmation to show a list of all modified INIs, allowing for easier selection of which ones to update
  • Added functionality to backup existing files in the game directory that will be overwritten when a preset is enabled and restore those files once disabled
  • Fixed bug that caused enblocal and enbseries files to not auto update properly
  • Globals UI styling improvements
  • Added generic update functionality that will check all INIs for changes (Game Options > Other Config Files)
  • Fixed an issue where disabling globals disabled ability to modify auto-update settings
  • Fixed a bug where the update available message would persist even after updating to the latest version
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when adding a new binary from an archive
  • Stability improvements
  • Interface improvements
  • Added an automatic update check to notify of new ENB Man version (can be disabled)
  • Improved global settings feature, added separate settings for enbseries.ini
  • Depth of Fields can now include any files/subfolders
  • Added functionality to edit binary/depth of field files in the same manner as preset files
  • Added multiple drag/drop for palettes, will display each one when asked for a name
  • Completely rewritten from the ground up. Multiple new features included.
  • Lots of changes, too many to list. Please see the "Usage" section above for all the features.
  • Fixed bug causing custom palette to not work properly
  • Fixed bug where sometimes files were not enabled properly
  • Added display of active ENB version and palette
  • Added relational lines between nodes of file list
  • Added feature that compares existing palettes to the one being added and notifies if the same palette already exists
  • Added right-click menu to file list allowing to add folders/files to the root/selected directory, open/rename/delete selected file/folder, and expand/collapse all folders
  • Added tooltips
  • Switched file list from ListView to TreeView, will be improving this in future updates
  • Better IOException handling (multiple bugs fixed)
  • Better enblocal/enbseries update processing
  • Palettes can now be added by dropping a single bitmap onto the palette image box
  • Fixed issue where window didn't gain focus after dropping files into the file list
  • Fixed issue where cancelling the file selection dialog for binary versions still attempted to add it to the collection
  • Fixed issue causing null keys in PresetData.ini
  • Added palette selection feature
  • Fixed a few minor layout issues
  • Added some exception handling to important events
  • Application now only allows one instance
  • Added feature to copy presets
  • Added version number in bottom right corner
  • Minor code optimizations
  • Fixed directory recursion to allow more than one level of sub-directories
  • Window now recalls last position/size/state
  • Switched from 64-bit to 32-bit
  • Fixed issue generating unnecessary .ini file in Presets directory
  • Initial Release


I only ask that you not distribute this to other sites. Just link to this page.