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Small plugin that increases the effectiveness of Auriel's Bow in combat

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V3, someone asked me to do this, but this version has the ridiculous damage and enchant scale, and now it includes the werewolf knockback effect(unrelenting force) scaled to send mammoths flying.

V2 out, check for the new download, it increases the damage of the Sun Damage Enchant on the bow from whatever your base is to 40, yes that's right, you can 1 shot guards with this at level 11.

Also adding a more reasonable damage scaler, closer to the Dragonbone Bow added in dawnguard

Simple little plugin that increases the combat effectiveness of the legendary Dawnguard bow Auriel's Bow, since you get this bow from doing the main quest in dawnguard, kinda makes sense to need dawnguard to use it. Will add ingame screenshots on my next skyrim adventure, and this is my first time uploading anything to the skyrim nexus and hopefully not my last time either...........

Unmodded Bow Damage:

base: 13
smithing(legendary)  not entirely sure.....

my mod:
base damage: 91
smithing(legendary) 102
Overdraw 1: 143
Overdraw 2: 200
Overdraw 3: 285
Overdraw 4: 371
Overdraw 5: 456

Optional Version :
Base: 26, Smithed 37
Overdraw 1: 31, Smithed 44
Overdraw 2: 36, Smithed 51
Overdraw 3: 41, Smithed 58
Overdraw 4: 46, Smitehd 66
Overdraw 5: 52, Smithed 73
(Results may vary, but this is base in my game)

Archery Enchants:
whatever "base" damage you have(overdraw perks wise) times x.xx where the x is the % of your fortify archery.

Sneak: just multiply by 2 or 3 depending if you have the perk or not, and if you're a card carrying member of the dark brotherhood you get additional sneak
attack with the bow.

oh and please post screenshots of your ridiculous damage on your bow, would love to see what everyone's getting