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Now you can use the wash basins in the Hearthfire homes!

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This mod makes the wash basins in Hearthfire homes usable. Using the wash basins gets you clean which increases your health regeneration by 10% for 4 hours. The wash basins in the main hall and the cellar in each of the 3 houses work (separate download for each house), and there are now also files for each room of each wing of each house, so all the wash basins are usable in your specific house setup.

Installation: Make sure you have built both the wash basins in the main hall and the cellar of the house you download for before installing this mod.

Installing add-ons for specific wings of the house: Again make sure the wash basin is built before you install this mod, make sure you choose the right files for which wings you built for your house, and you must have the original file for the specific house you install add-ons for or they will not work.

Compatibility: If you use a mod that changes the layout of the Hearthfire homes then this mod will not work.


Also, check out my new mod Interactive Wash Basins COMPLETE which makes ALL other wash basins found in Skyrim usable!