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This Adds Havok Physics applied 2 Female hairs and 1 Male Hair

Permissions and credits

                                                                                                                   - New Male Hair (Vanilla Hair 01)

                                                                                                                   - A Video Clip from  Luchaire.

: the latest version of HDT Physics Extension, XP32's XPMS and SKSE.

Installation : Install the downloaded archive with Mod Organizer or NMM.

This adds 2 Female hair.

I strongly recommend you to use ECE if you are having some clipping issues

Credits : azarkiowa - for providing awesome hair. (Ponytail Hairstyles)
              NeuralStunner - for the awesome hair texture for azar hair
              HidrogenSayHDT - for creating Physics extension plugin.
              Canderes - for his awesome tutorials.
              Yoo - for his awesome tips.
              XP32, Groovtama - for skeletons
              DragonAge7 - for the hair fix and hair package of oblivion hairs.

Changelog :

Version 1.21 - VanillaHair01HDT : Deleted Hairline01's meshes around neck to make the hair look much more clean.
Version 1.20 - Added 1 new male hair (Vanilla Hair 01)
Version 1.15 - Pony Hair : Clipping fix. 
Version 1.14 - Tweaked and fixed some settings. 
Version 1.13 - adjusted 1.12 version's hair movement a little bit so that it moves more lively 
Version 1.12 - Fixed hair from stretching like cheese when you fall from high altitude or move around with high speedmult. 
Version 1.11 - hair movement adjustment 
Version 1.10 - added 1 new female hair 
Version 1.01 - hair adjustment 
Version 1.00 - release