Kameleon Armor CBBE-7Base-UNP-UNPB Body by davjes
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New update 
Version 0.81 
Correction on KameleonArmor.esm file
UNPB TBBP Kameleon Armor

New update 
Version 0.8
New script more efficient - presently available only on CBBE bodyslide - Update coming soon for other bodies
New UNPB TBBP body Coming soon

Version 0.7
Kameleon armor -CBBE BodySlide - High Heel System (normal and HDT variants meshes) BodySlide Required at

Credits to Ousnius

Update 0.7 beta
Scripts modification
UNP body

Update 0.6

7Base Body
- Can be forged
- Can be tempered
- Correction of armor's paths
- Chest in the Companion Guild's backyard

Thanks to Thyworm for the video

Thanks to Sidras01 for the video

New customizable armor for thief, Beta Version with different part.

The chest, located to Skyforge at Whiterun, contains the Kameleon armor which changes the texture according to the environment.
The esp file has script changing the color of the armor. This version isn't completely efficient because
the priority of the script is very low. Presently, I'm searching a solution to increase this priority.
The change of textures can be slowed down by a ENB Mod and if the resources of your graphic card is constantly loaded

Also, the chest contains a version of armor for each texture (see images):

Corsair armor
Rogue armor
Ranger armor
Scout armor
Outlaw armor
Assassin Armor

If Kameleon doesn't work well, so I may use one of these.

To Do:
improve the script
Add some weapons
Other body, depending the request