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You are absolutely NOT permitted to reupload or use this for monetization.

Name Your Horses (NYH) is a simple mod that allows you to rename any of your horses. It's a feature that I always thought was sorely lacking in the vanilla game, and while Convenient Horse Herding does have a feature to rename your horses, it's pretty tedious to use, since it involves going letter by letter through a dialogue tree. NYH uses a new resource made by schlangster and MrJack called SkyUILib to use an actual text input menu, much like the one used when creating your character. Because of the way SkyUILib is designed, there is absolutely no need to download SkyUILib to install this mod.

SKSE 1.7.1+
SkyUI 4.1+

With Mod Manager

Download NYH with your Mod Manager
Double click NYH in your Mod Manager to activate it.
Play and rename your horses to your heart's content.


Download NYH manually.
Extract or copy the contents of the archive to your Skyrim/Data folder.
Tick the box next to NameYourHorses.esp in your launcher.

With Mod Manager

Double click NYH in your Mod Manager to deactivate it.
If you want, delete NYH from your load order.


Delete all files associated with NYH.
- NameYourHorses.esp (under Skyrim/Data)
- NYHControlScript.pex (under Skyrim/Scripts)
- NYHMCM.pex (under Skyrim/Scripts)
Play your game.

Using NYH is very easy. When you start the game, you will have a hotkey assigned to naming your horse. By default, it's U. Once you've bought and ensured that you own the horse, make sure your crosshair is pointed towards your horse of choice, and press the assigned hotkey. A menu will pop up, allowing you to rename your horse. It looks like this:

Simply type in the name you want your horse to have, and press Enter. If you press Tab, then the menu will be exited and the horse's prior name will stay. To update your horse's name, you have to look away and then look back at the horse. This isn't a bug, the game just needs to update.

If you have SkyUI installed, then changing the hotkey is very simple. Just open up your menu, navigate to the Mod Configuration Menu, and select Name Your Horse. From there, open up the customization menu and change the Name Your Horse hotkey to your liking. If you want, you can also turn on and off the hotkey there.

If you don't have SkyUI, you can change the hotkey as well, but it takes a bit more work. First, you have to open the console (hit the tilde (~) key in-game). Then, type in the following:

set NYHRenameKey to X

Replace X with a number from this list of DXScanCodes. Next, you have to save and exit to the main menu, and then reload the game. I may come up with a better way to do this, but support for non-SkyUI users isn't the largest concern right now. You may also activate and deactivate the hotkey from the console. To do this, press the tilde key (~) to the left of your 1 key while in-game. In the box that appears, type in:

Set NYHHotkeyToggle to X

Replacing X with 1 for enabling the hotkey, and 0 for disabling the hotkey.

There are no known incompatibilities. It should work fine with Convenient Horses. If you find any incompatibilities, please report them, but be sure that the issue is actually with NYH.

These are a bunch of horse-related mods I'd highly recommend to you. NYH is compatible with all of them.

Convenient Horses - best horse overhaul around
Convenient Horse Herding - some great little features
Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds - all screenshots taken with this mod

There is an issue for some (but not all) where you won't be able to rename your already owned horse. Here's a workaround, courtesy of ralexpdx. I'm working on a more permanent fix, but for now, here it is:

1. Make sure you take EVERYTHING out of your horses inventory if you use this feature.
2. Open the console (~ -tilde by default) and left click on your horse. Make SURE it's your horse you are clicking on.
3. type into the console "markfordelete"
4. type into the console "save horse"
5. type into the console "load horse". When the game loads your horse will be gone along with everything you didn't remove from it.
6. Go to a stable where you haven't bought a horse before and buy a new horse. It will be named "Horse"
7. Press the Hotkey to Rename your horse, type in your new name and look away as instructed. When you look back the name change will have worked.

Player horses will be named "Horse" once you've bought them, until they are renamed. This is not fixable. If you uninstall this mod, the horse should be renamed to "PlayerName's Horse".

Credits to Obliviotter for making the French translation.
Thanks to MrJack and Schlangster for making SkyUILib.
Thanks to the community at the Creation Kit forums.