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Overhauls the Riverwood Trader

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Riverwood Trader Overhaul


Riverwood Trader always seemed too plain and boring to me. There wasn't something that made it different from other
shops. My forth mod adds lots of clutter to the shop, reflecting the “scatterbrain” personality of the owner!


•Three floors instead of the original two
•Loads of clutter* – clothes,furniture, books, food, cups, instruments, bows, arrows... you name it, Lucan's got it!
•Locked display case for claw(key upstairs...)
*Clutter may cause lagging on older computers


No DLC is required for Riverwood Trader Overhaul to work.


To install, use NMM or drag and drop the .esp file and data files into Skyrim's "Data" folder. To uninstall, untick the .esp in
NMM or in the Skyrim launcher, but make sure you aren't in the Riverwood Trader cell beforehand. This mod has one
small script to make the counter gate close, so should be safe to uninstall.


Will conflict with any mod that changes the Riverwood Trader cell, like lighting overhauls. To remove overlapping objects
enter command console, click on the object, type in the “disable” command and press enter.

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Thanks goes to Blary for the Ingredients Drawer Resource.

V2 Uploaded - Check the changes tab for list of changes!

Thanks to GamerPoets for the video: