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Lore-friendly replacements for spell tomes.

Permissions and credits
This mod replaces the models and textures of spell tomes. It is not compatible with other mods that do the same thing.
Thanks to a tip from x0ne, the mod also replaces the books in loading screens.

Spell Tome Replacers:

- This version replaces ALL the spell tomes in the game.
- To install, download the file and extract it into your Skyrim Data folder. No esp is needed.
- To uninstall, delete the files installed by this mod. The game will revert to using the vanilla spell book models.

Master Spell Tome Replacers:

- This version replaces only the books that teach Master spells.
- To install, extract the file into your Skyrim Data folder, and activate the esp included.
- To uninstall, uncheck Master Spell Tome Replacers.esp in your Skyrim Launcher, then delete the files installed by this mod.

HQ Paper Versions:

- These files provide compatibility with Anarin's HQ Paper mod. Use only if you have that mod installed. My files should overwrite Anarin's.


This mod uses files from "Book Covers Skyrim", by DanielCoffey.