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Last updated at 13:24, 24 Aug 2014 Uploaded at 13:25, 24 Aug 2014

Ever want some elegant armors for your female characters? Feel like the "sexy" variants that are out there are too skimpy? Well, then this is just for you! This mod includes 5 new armors drawn from two different replacement mods: Leather Armor, Iron Armor, Banded Iron Armor and the 2 variants of Steel Armor. Nothing overly skimpy, just a bit more elegant: removed pauldrons on the Leather Armor and revealed belly on the Iron, Banded Iron and Steel Armors. (See pictures for self-explanatory pictures)
These new armors are all forgable under their original categories (if you don't get it, you're not playing the game right). They benefit from the perks offered by the vanilla game, not from any smithing-altering mods so far as I know.

This mods adds standalone variants to the armors replaced in these mods:
Lightly revealing Steel and Iron armor for CBBE by WARJOL
Pauldron-Free Female Leather Armor by Nexudude
All credits and glory go to these two modders, I'm just releasing standalone variants.

Notes: The WARJOL file says "for CBBE", but it still looks good in my game, which has UNP.
           If you really want patches for this and other mods (smithing perks etc), don't bother asking me, I'm not an expert modder.