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Over 100 new animal species and subspecies added to the leveled lists

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 My first mod for Skyrim

The mod contains over 100 new animal species and subspecies, added to the leveled lists.
-Prehistoric Cats
-Big Cats
-Gazelle and Antelopes
-and much more

Before you ask, yes I know how a muntjac, or a musk deer or a hyena looks like, but Skyrim being a fantasy world, I took the liberty to name/texture them whatever i want or could.



DLC Dawnguard

DLC Dragonborn


Should be compatible with almost anything as long as you use a bashed patch

Compatible with Hunterborn
Half of the animals are compatible by default. For the rest you can simply use the Taxonomy ability provided by Hunterborn's MCM.


Requiem Patch
Real Wildlife

Other Information:

- optimized 1k and 2k textures
- cleaned with TES5Edit


Use Mod Organizer or Nexus Mod Manager
Place mod files into your Data folder.
Activate Animallica.esp in Skyrim launcher.

Use Wrye Bash or place my .esp last in your load order


Remove Animallica.esp from your Data folder.
Remove files from following folders:
- Data/meshes/actors/animallica
- Data/textures/actors/animallica


Huge thanks for:

wrig675/Bellyache for Bellyaches Animal and Creature Pack
GendunDrup for Nexus Creature Resource
530gothic25 for his models and textures from Skyrim Wildlife Overhaul
Fierymarigold for her Swift Steeds Stables
KrittaKitty for her textures and normal maps from Realistic Primitive Horse Breeds
qasiermo for his pheasants from Birds of Skyrim
viltuska for Rhinos of Skyrim
KANRAx2 for yurufuwa rabbit
Aenkill for Husky HD Recolor - Bran and Sceolang replacer
tumbajamba for gazelle mesh from Armored SabreCat Mount
Slof for her horse textures
Hissssa for Shiba Inu, Rat and Cat models
frankthefish for Leopard, Lion, Lioness, Scar, Tiger, Panther models and textures
muppetpuppet for Hyena and Pahmar textures ( Moonpath to Elsweyr)
opera4ever and Shadowjin for their help and support

Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim and Creation Kit!


German translation
 Polish Translation
Spanish Translation

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