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  1. jacques00art
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    A Bug Report section has been added to report any bugs with this mod. Please be specific as you can when reporting a bug! Information such as what mod manager you are using (how you installed the mod), what version of this mod you are using, any MCM settings you have set for this mod (if applicable), and where and when the game bugs are encountered (specifically with a game CTD) are important. Papyrus logs and mod order information is not necessarily relevant for this particular mod, but if there is an issue in the logs that specifically state HDTPE Weapon Sling, it may be worth noting just in case.
    Requirements Overview:
    For those who might have trouble getting HDT Equipment - Craftable Weapon Sling to work, here is a recap of the requirements:
    • HDT Physics Extensions by HydrogensaysHDT - Physics engine. Latest version.
    • SKSE - Skyrim Script Extender. Latest version.
    • SkyUI - to access the mod options using the MCM settings. (A non-MCM version is included in the NMM Installer if you choose not to use SkyUI or the MCM.)
    • NetImmerse Override (for v0.2d+) - Latest Version. Provides functions for the "Personalized" Weapon Sling features. Note: If you are using the latest version of Expired's RaceMenu, this plugin should already be included.
    • Brawl Bug Patch or Brawl Bug Plugin (Optional) - to avoid brawl bug issues with the cloak spell function (regardless, a "Brawl Check" safety option is also included in the MCM).
    • XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended (for v0.2i+) - 2.60+ or Latest Version. Required only if using the "Well Fited" weapon sling type. Note: Customization features are available when patching Expired's RaceMenu through XPMSE's installation options.
    Remember, if you want to use the Personalization options, you must take your character to a tanning rack and craft a "Weapon Sling (Personalized)" wearable item--the option will appear under the Jewelry section if your character is carrying a Hammer in the inventory. Once the personalization option is enabled in the MCM, your character can equip the personalized weapon sling and you can change the type of change, offset and angle settings to your liking.
    If the weapons are still stiff after equipping the personal weapon sling, un-equip and re-equip it to try and correct it. If that does not work, you may want to double-check your plugins. You can always check your plugin versions under the "Version Check" tab in this mod's MCM.
    The personalization features only work for the playable character. You can give the personal weapon sling to an NPC, but there is no guarantee that the options will work for it, nor will the physics activate (unless re-equipped after equipping it the first time, per each game load).
    If you are using XPMSE v2.60+ when starting this mod, your character will automatically spawn with a "Well Fitted" weapon sling type instead of the default one. When combined with the RaceMenu mod, this provides an alternative to the Personalized weapon sling in that you can modify the sheath position and orientation directly through the RaceMenu interface. There will be checks in the MCM to show whether or not you have the proper skeleton.
    Hope this helps!
    Translation Notice:
    I will be accepting volunteers to help translate the MCM options or any other part of the mod. If you are interested, please PM me. I will credit you in the MCM itself. If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to ask. I have made the language translation package available under the Miscellaneous section of the downloads for anyone interested in translating!
  2. DeWhit
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    Hi, I've been trying to get the older "everyone" version of this working with XPMS 1.96, I didnt think it was working originally until i noticed that it only affects other NPCs (guards etc) but hasnt applied the effect to my player character.
    i know the HDT extension is working as i've got HDT on cloaks of skyrim and the replendant armour set.

    I'm a bit stumped as to the why, as I'm a first timer when it comes to the nexus and vortex; any help?
  3. ModMan98
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    Hey guys i need some help to get this to work correctly as i want it to. Im using XPMSE skeleton and the 1 handed sword on back option, But when i use this mod the sword goes back to the side of the hip. What do i need to do? Maybe i use this mod instead of XPMSE: ?
    1. cruzz56
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      same, somehow this mod reverts back the weapon placements on the default location.. anyone know how to fix this? or is this not compatible with XPMSE?
    2. Caideus1
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      Just had the same issue, I did notice that every time I would press B, yeah I use a controller... so what!!
      Every time I would go into my menu, trying to figure s*** out, the weapons would hop back into their designated locations, and at first, I though cool, shits gonna work, … but … every... time, I would go back live, the sword would land in it's vanilla location, the two handed axe would twitch a bit, the bow would dig into my shoulder, and the arrows would never again see the light of the day so long as they were tucked up my ass. Now I freely admit that I didn't know what I was doing, going back in fourth to inventory looking for the sling that I was given, trying to decode some super hard secret of what the f***, and then in and out of the forge and back into McM to see if I might had missed something. Maybe I did, probably, I'm dumb like that. Maybe if I had hopped in the racemenu and reset all weap locations back to vanilla and then figure how to move the s*** around through the McM... it seemed too much effort at this point in time, But anyone else who wants to, try getting your weapons back to the vanilla locations, and see if it works using the adjustmets in McM?
    3. spaven
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      I've come to the conclusion that this mod is simply incompatible with the XPMSE skeleton, even if you use the 'Well-Fitted' sling, so I had to drop it. If I'm wrong and there's some way to get things in sync/properly aligned I'd love to hear it but the main issue I was having was the bolt/arrow quiver positioning. Perhaps there's something that can be done to resolve that, but I'm not aware of it.
    4. Neydzz
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      I'm running this, Dual Sheath Redux and XPMSE with no problem. All I did was setup the weapon positions in the XPMSE MCM menu and made sure I pick an unused biped slot for the weapon sling. Only problem is the Well Fitted option seems to move more than the Belted Back Armory option.

      So tips if it's not working:
      Make sure you don't use any "Everyone" options as those are incompatible.
      Setup your XPMSE MCM menu.
      Make sure the slot isn't used.
  4. AvoidableCloneSpectre
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    Will you ever end up porting this over to SSE
    1. Zedritz93
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      I would like this as well, if anyone finds out how to do it will you update me?
  5. archeni
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    Hey. I had a problem where my weapon spazzes out. On closer inspection, it's trying to display 2 weapons. One with hdt that moves when i move, and one that is static as if I didn't install the mod. I'm not sure what it would be.
    core i7 7700k
    gtx 1080ti
    16g of ram
    and I manually changed the max framerate of the game to 144hz.
    I'm not sure how to make a spoiler so i can post my load order.
    1. michaeljbaumgart
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      From XPMSE Mod page:
      Mods completely unsupported:
      - HDT Equipment (everyone option), that includes mods including everyone option features in their HDT Physics extension xmls this includes:
      HDT equipment v0.2 everyone breast fix
      HDT Equipment V0.2 for Everone with Belly and Collision

      Maybe try a different skeleton...
    2. OlliHolli
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      Ay dude, I have a similar problem and besides XP states that their skeleton is not compatible with HDT Equipment it is compatible. Your problem lies within the Havok physics engine. The problem usually occurs whenever your game runs 60fps or higher. Capping the game at 60fps with tools like the Nvidia Profile Inspector solves the issue.
      Oh and don't be fooled by the Havok timing patch that's available on the nexus. This resolves the Breast and Butt physics issues above 60fps but sadly not the ones with the hdt equipment.
      Note tho that this will most likely not resolve the issue in 100% of cases but will make it so much less apparent that you should be able to ignore it.
      Hope that helps a little more than the advice of others here.
  6. Nskyline53
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    Is there a way to make this compatible with immersive weapons? The weapons do move yes, but there is an unfinished weapon sling that sticks out past my characters shoulder and looks gross.
  7. vogues
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    Are there any plans or thoughts given to port this in the future to SSE? I'm pretty much sticking with oldrim for this very reason. just wondering though.
      [email protected]
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      Same here. I keep going back to Oldrim just for this mod but then getting tired of the unstable nightmare it is and going back to SE. HDT-SMP is a thing now and it should be possible to make this mod for HDT-SMP.
  8. nomaddc
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    Anyone else having issues with staffs? Seems like they don't work with the sling. Whenever I equip one it automatically takes off sling when I exit the menu, reequipping sling makes staff disappear visually. Works fine with all other weapons. Only seems to affect staffs when you try to put them in right hand. Equipping staff in left hand works just fine, but skips unsheathing animation - it just teleports from back to your left hand.

    I am using FNIS and Dual Sheath Redux.
    1. Yayobeans
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      it does this because the staff uses slot 44 and so does the weapon sling. so you have to change the slot
    2. Yayobeans
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  9. LupusHegemonia
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    How come WE DON"T HAVE this mod, in SSE?????
    Anybody, to port it?
    1. ScarecroOw
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      this kind mods are worked on "that other site", i think no one have ported this successufully tho
  10. alphafox57
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    Had the spazzing error with your mod, found it didn't occur with the others (such as butt, breasts & hair). Was able to fix it by replacing (severely reducing) by replacing the lighting with ENB; among other fixes. Which include: setting prerendering to 1 in NVIDIA & setting WaitBusyRenderer to true in enblocal.ini
  11. Yayobeans
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    say I wanted to make a patch that always spawns only well fitted slings, which records in xedit would I modify? or is it by script? cause HDTE doesn't seem to detect XPMSE latest ver.