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Enhanced the Death hound's original textures to something a little more terrifying.

Permissions and credits
The Death Hound with it's dark grey or black texture was not very interesting.  I thought that by adding a bloody flesh eaten look it might give a better sense of horror.  

ENB was used when taking screenshots.   Death hounds will be darker, but may look better with a lighting mod or ENB.  I'm currently using COT + ELFX + RealVision.   No lighting enhancements are required and the textures look great in a vanilla game.  Textures are 2K with an optional 1K of the same.  Version 1.2 is replaced by my latest version which includes a reworking of all the texture files.  The new meshes have tweaked variables for environment mapping and blue glow effect on the Coldharbour variant.  I currently have a patch in the downloads for Toothless and Furry (63274).
Great new video by GamerPoets.  Please visit his youtube channel for more.  Version 1.2

Future Plans- 
-independent textures for theimmersion's Toothless and Furry
-darker version showing bones
If you have ideas then let me know.

Patch for Toothless and Furry was requested by the mod author theimmersion.